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Metropolitan of Tamasos: Termination of pregnancy is unacceptable

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Μητροπολτη&sigma ; Ταμασού: Απαραδεκτη η διακοπor κ yησης

Metropolitan of Tamasos and Orenis Isaias considers unacceptable, any process that interrupts the evolution of human creation after conception, saying that in this matter agrees with the position of the church.  

In his clarifying statement, as reported, on the occasion of a recent discussion on a radio show that was left unfinished, Metropolitan Tamasos states that science is also in agreement with the church, “that with conception we have the beginning of the creation of a human being and this is a fact. For example, we see from the day of conception the gradual creation and completion of a brain, proof that what was created is a human being, therefore a person”.

His beliefs on the matter agree with the church, he continued, saying that everything else is from the wicked. “Some scientists argue that at conception we can have a tumor that either expels itself or is destroyed outside the womb, so we do not have a soul at conception if and but they can occur. This is the view I meant that is still up for debate and I suggest we let science guide us. I believe that even in this case, science will discover the way to create these tumors, which will certainly not have anything to do with the creation of man and therefore his normal conception” he added.

The Saint Spirit, he says, enters man “when he conceives”. Therefore, he continues, from the moment of conception the fetus has life. And the reason is because he has an effusion of the Holy Spirit. “I declare that I am unequivocally faithful to the teaching of the Church, without compromise, but also without fear of speaking about these issues in public,” concludes Metropolitan Tamasos.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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