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Metropolitan of Tamasou: Priests must finally soil their robes

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At the final gathering of friends and supporters of his candidacy for the archbishop's throne, the Metropolitan of Tamasos and Orini, Isaias, was present on Thursday evening, in Limassol, who spoke about his vision, but also its implementation program, while he did not fail to mention our national issue and the strengthening of patriotism among young people.

According to today's announcement, during the gathering, Metropolitan Tamasou, addressing the public, said that “if this place wants to see change, the priests must finally soil their skin with the problems of the world and have proposals for everyone and everything”.

“It is your grandfathers and their great-grandfathers who gave their bequests and their hair, so that the church is strong today, because the church has always claimed two things and the world trusted it. To preserve Hellenism, as a value system, of democracy, equality, solidarity and orthodoxy”, he said.

According to   Metropolitan Tamasos “the orthodoxy that taught the value of the immortality of our soul for the this place always knew how to give birth to heroes and saints, because real patriotism is not only taught when we have elections, or when we have memorials and events”, adding that “real patriotism is taught every day, by loving your neighbor and teaching him a value system, to respect the country that God gave him. To respect his parents, to respect his elders, to respect his heroes, to respect his history”. , because that time will come, when we will call the world to defend values ​​in the ears of those who do not listen, because we will be so far and so distant from him, that our word will be discredited”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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