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Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus: Excommunicates MPs who voted “yes” to same-sex marriage (VIDEO)

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ΜητροπολλτησΠ ειραιoς Σεραφεiμ: Θeτει εκτoς Εκκ&lambda ; η σ «ναι» στον γμο των ομoφυλων ζε&upsilon ;γαριoν (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

An extraordinary Priestly Synod was held in the Piraeus Diocese – Deputies are invited to show practical remorse which will be demonstrated by the annulment of the “disgraceful legislation” in the Parliament

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Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim: Excommunicates the MPs who voted “yes” to the marriage…
Vasiliki Chrysostomidou
22.02 .2024, 15:52
An Extraordinary Synod of Priests met today, February 22, in the Piraeus Diocese to deal with the consequences of the passing of the same-sex marriage law. The initiative was taken by the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, Mr. Seraphim, who also made the relevant proposal. He raised issues of overturning human ontology and physiology through the implementation of the woke agenda, which aims to deconstruct Christian doctrine, ethics and culture.

The thorough discussion that followed led to a resolution, according to which the members of parliament who voted for “the overthrow of human ontology and physiology as a legal good and instituted the unnatural apathy” are considered by the Church to be “culpably accomplices of the archekaku opos”.

For this reason, it was decided to cut off communion with those who voted against the divine Law, i.e. to be excluded from the Church, not to receive any invitation to participate in the events of the Parish – at least until the actual moment their remorse, which will be proven by the annulment of the “disgraceful legislation” in the Parliament.

The announcement:

In Piraeus, today, February 22, 2024, Thursday, at 11:00 a.m., at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Piraeus, we met at the invitation of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, Faliro, Saint Ioannou Rentis and Drapetsonas, Mr. Seraphim, an extraordinary priestly meeting on the subject: ” Dealing with the consequences of voting of the law for the “marriage” of persons of the same sex”, N. 5089 FEK A' 27/17.2.2024.

Rev. Metropolitan of Piraeus, Mr. Seraphim duly placed himself on the emerging issue of overturning human ontology and physiology and the implementation of the “woke” agenda for the reconstruction of Christian doctrine, morals and culture and a thorough discussion was held in person and the Church Councils and Administrative Committees of Parishes and foundations of I. Our diocese, we co-decided on the issuance of this resolution.


1. The charter city of Piraeus, the first port of the country, is a city dedicated to the Holy of Holies, as testified and proven by the historically verified miracles of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and Virgin Mary, which are recorded in newspapers and publications of the time, as presented by Ellogim first President of the Philological House of Piraeus Mr. Stefanos Milesis in his opinion “The miracles of faith in Piraeus as recorded and captured by newspapers and publications” ed. Archontariki 2019, and especially the miracle of the Virgin Mary “Rodon the Amaranth” with the apparition of the deadly pandemic of the blessing, as recorded in the SFAIRA newspaper of 9/3/1896 and the apparition on 24-25/3/1929 of the Most Holy Theotokos to crowded St. Church of the Evangelist Piraeus, as recorded in the Newspapers AKROPOLIS on 29/3/1929 and SCRIP on 29/3/1929.

Deacing in an elected Metropolis of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church through our ordination we have taken over the multidisciplinary work of the church's ministry, which presupposes it. cover for of decay and death and the transmutation of the world into a Kingdom of virtue, justice, peace, truth and love.

Therefore, we are indebted to the Master of the Lord's Church, who has called us to the ministry of his People, to ensure and to transmit by deed and word the uninnovative faith of the Apostles, the God-bearing Fathers and the Holy Ecumenical Synods.

2. The passing of the above law by our National Parliament alters and perverts the anthropology and physiology of God's Creation, it blasphemously attempts to annul the divine Law, which is delivered to us in writing through the Old and New Testaments, at the behest of ” woke” agenda and violently opposes the Canonical framework of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which was given to Her by the Holy Spirit.

According to this, those who legislated as a legal good the overthrow of human ontology and physiology and who instituted unnatural celibacy, which deprives man of the possibility of communion with God according to the false word of the Creator: “my spirit shall not abide in these men forever because they are flesh” (Gen. 6:3), he proves them by deed and word as despising the divine Law and opposing the salvation and eternal perspective of the human being, who is called to voluntarily and lovingly become a temple of the Holy Spirit and the like to His Creator, according to the Lord's Word: “If he loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and to him we will come, and we will come to him alone” (Jn. 14, 23).

Therefore, they prove to be culpable accomplices of the “prime evil” in the deterioration of the work of salvation and the gospel message and, as the God-bearing Fathers march, they voluntarily lose their Christian identity and the society with them carries the risk, for the weakest, of alteration of faith and annulment of the work of the Church, which throughout time is called to prepare in the Holy Spirit citizens of the divine Kingdom.

3. For the protection of our ministry and respect for our responsibility before the Holy God, in compliance with the provisions of art. 4, paragraph 9 of the Charter of the Church of Greece (L. 590/1977- GOVERNMENT A' 146) we break our fellowship with those who voted against the divine Law, with all that this implies, by not inviting them to the Andean manifestation of of our parishes, thanks to the actual conversion of them through the annulment by the National Parliament of this shameful legislation. And we call the faithful people of God to practical repentance for the blasphemy and blasphemy against our immaculate faith that took place with the passing of Law 5089 FEK A' 27/17.2024.

This resolution was read and approved by our Synaxis.

Following are the signatures of the participating clergy.

+ Seraph of Piraeus

The Presidents of Ecclesiastical Councils
& Administrative Committees of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus,
Faliro, Agios Ioannou Rentis and Drapetsona


Source: 24h.com.cy

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