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Metsola for immigration: The EU must stand by Cyprus

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ΜΕτσολα για μετ αναστευτικο: Η ΕΕ πρΕπει να σταθ εi δiπλα στην Κyπρο

Today, the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis and the President of the European Parliament, Mrs. Roberta Metsola, expressed their sadness over the beating of World Central Kitchen workers, calling for further in-depth investigation of the incident.

In their statements to the media at the Search and Rescue Coordination Center (SRC), whose facilities they were earlier given a tour of, the President of the Republic said, among other things, that the World Central Kitchen is one of Cyprus' main partners in the Amalthia initiative, expressing its condolences to the organization and also to the families of the victims, while calling for an in-depth investigation of the incident.

He added that the tragic event should not discourage us but we should redouble our efforts to provide more aid to the civilian population of Gaza.

He also pointed out that “the EU should not just be an observer of what is happening in the region, but we have a responsibility to act and take initiatives together with our partners to end the war and start the political process for a lasting solution on the basis of resolutions of the UN Security Council”.

He added that Cyprus as the EU member state closest to the Middle East region and having excellent relations with all its neighbors aims to meet its moral obligation to alleviate the suffering of civilians in Gaza and to this end we are working together with our partners the UN, the EU, the US, the UAE and others, noting that the safe distribution of aid is imperative and must be ensured.  

At another point in his statements, President Christodoulidis stated that the Amalthia initiative is not a substitute for other routes of humanitarian aid transfer, but complementary to them.

“We have already sent the first two shipments of hundreds of tons of aid directly to Gaza, through our close cooperation with the UAE as well. In addition, in cooperation with partners and stakeholders, we are working to make aid to Gaza more stable and predictable.” He added that the Amalthia Fund was activated.

He also referred to the decision of the American Government to create a temporary dock that will allow the transfer of more humanitarian aid.

Regarding his yesterday's meeting with Ms. Metsola, the President of the Republic said that they discussed issues of common interest, noting that he informed her of our ongoing efforts to resume talks on the Cyprus issue, as well as the recent his meeting with the UN Secretary General in Brussels.

“We will have another European Council in two weeks where Euro-Turkish relations will be discussed,” said President Christodoulidis, noting that “we are ready for progress on this issue with a step-by-step approach, assuming that Turkey is constructively involved in all aspects of Euro-Turkish relations, including of course the Cyprus issue and the resumption of talks based on the resolutions of the UN Security Council which are an important component for the relations between Brussels and Ankara”.

He also said that he and Ms. Metsola exchanged views on Immigration, underlining the great problem that Cyprus is facing with the increasing migration flows of Syrians from Lebanon, which he described as deeply worrying.

“I fully understand the challenges that facing Lebanon, but to export migrants  in Cyprus should not be the answer and it cannot be accepted”, said the President of the Republic.

He also stressed that the EU should stand by Cyprusagainst tangible way in relation to dealing with the challenges from Immigration.

Finally, the President of the Republic welcomed the fact that Ms. Metsola is visiting member states mainly with the aim of attracting young people to the polls for the European elections, noting that he is also making efforts to this end and praised the successful work and contribution of Ms. Metsola to the Presidency of the European Parliament, which, as he said, supports Cyprus' struggle for a solution to the Cyprus issue, but also the “Amalthia” initiative of the Republic of Cyprus.

For her part, Ms. Metsola said, among other things, that Cyprus is Europe's first gateway to the Middle East, Asia and Africa, noting that what we see here with the Amalthia initiative “is exactly the translation of European values , solidarity, peace, united in our common humanity”.

He added that the situation in Gaza is desperate, noting that humanitarian aid workers must be protected.


Ms. Metsola welcomed the “Amalthea” initiative, noting to President Christodoulidis that “we greatly appreciate your leadership and your personal commitment to turn this initiative into a success, a reality”.

She added that this leadership is an example for Europe but also internationally and proves that there are no small and big leaderships and that ideas are not based on geography. This, he said, is something that Cyprus proves every day.

Referring to the Cyprus issue, Ms. Metsola said that the European Parliament fully supports the efforts to achieve progress under the auspices of the UN, noting that the personal dedication of President Christodoulidis in this direction is greatly appreciated.

In all Regarding Immigration, Ms. Metsola said that soon the European Parliament will vote on the relevant unprecedented legislative package, which is a request of European citizens, including Cypriots from 2019.

Finally, she pointed out the great importance of the upcoming European elections for the future of Europe and thanked President Christodoulides for having “Europe in his heart”, as he characteristically stated.

 Finally, when asked if the tragic blow against the workers of WCK will affect the maritime corridor from Cyprus to Gaza, the President of the Republic responded negatively, emphasizing that the initiative will continue as long as the needs of civilians exist. 

Source: www.philenews.com

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