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Michailidis comments on “Politis”'s report on health cards: “99% the law changes”

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The report of “Politis” about the cancellation of 30 health cards of football players due to the army, commented the president of KOA on radio posts (SPORT FM 95.0). Andreas Michailidis confirmed that these are players from all categories and provided further information.

In detail: “First of all, let me say that the number 30 was said yesterday by the Ministry of Defense. We do not have this information and we relied on the conversation mentioned by the head of the Ministry of Defense, who said that in the first year it was eleven and now it is 30. It is understood that if we do not do something we will have an increase in the phenomenon. From 2019, when this law was passed, those athletes who claim a mental health reason to be suspended, are not entitled to receive a health card. That is why it was voted and we applied the law to the letter. Some found a window, which was not provided by the legislator and enlisted in the National Guard for a few days, maybe a month, issued the health card and then received a suspension due to mental health. The CMO could not do anything about it. The CMO issued or renewed the cards correctly because the applicant also brought a classification paper, which is necessary for us. Then they left. “

For what is changing: “The Ministry of Health has submitted an amendment to this law which says that the organization has the right to revoke these cards issued retroactively. The Department of Defense will give us a list of athlete names to recall. Either they will do their term or they will not do their sport. When this gap appeared, we tried with the Ministry of Defense to invite these children to a hearing, but we did not find them. The problem appeared no time ago “.

What does it mean that they were not found: “The sponsor went to the house or work where the athlete was and did not find them. The only way was to go to the stadium either during training or during the match, but I instructed him not to go to the stadiums because the sponsor could even eat wood. As if he might not even be allowed to enter the stadium. It was decided not to invite the athlete for a hearing, but to listen to his club and the federation. The notice will be given and the athlete will be able to be heard after the card is revoked and go to court. “He has the weapons in his hands to do what he can and wants, if he wants to,” he added.

These athletes are competing for the category: “The information I have, without being absolutely sure, is that they are footballers of all categories.”

For the athletes who are a little older: “They had to do their term either in 2019 or 2020 and they did not do it after the law was passed. If some children were suspended and showed up whenever they had to and then got their final diploma, they are not caught by the law. “Those who did not get a diploma before the law was passed in 2019, then yes, we are referring to these children”.

On whether there really was a mental health problem: “We only talk about pretexts. Usually writes the anxiety disorder report. If he has a real problem and the experts say that he really has an issue, then in the name of God “.

For the army: “The first is that there must be an equality because we get several complaints from parents who say” why my child to serve and play sports, while at the same time my son Michaelides, for example, was suspended and left “. We could not do anything about it, but now we can. The second issue is that with the protocol signed in 2019 it gives many facilities to the athletes, except in a few cases. I asked to see the Minister of Defense and the leader because some spearmen tell them that the protocol is important and I will do what I want. Of course the army comes first and we should be good soldiers first and then athletes, but it is not possible to get what the leader is entitled to. I keep names and if this continues I will go to the leader “.

On whether the legislation will be finally amended: “99% yes, because the representative of the legal service said that there is no unconstitutionality in this amendment so we take it for granted that it will be voted. A speech is now being prepared that we will send to the Ministry of Defense, where they have the last word and proceed to the plenary session for a vote “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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