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Michailidou: Consensus and unity are required to solve the Cyprus problem

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Μιχαηλλδου: Επ&iota ;βαλλεται ομοψυχiα και ενoτητα γ&iota ;α επλλυση του Κυπριακοy

< p>We must continue our efforts with like-mindedness and unity, to solve our national problem, said the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Athina Michailidou, in a speech at the Solemn Doxology for the National Anniversaries of March 25, 1821 and April 1, 1955 that took place on Sunday at the Holy Church of Agios Minas in Geri.

In this context, according to Ms. Michailidou, “our highest priority remains the end of the ongoing occupation and the restoration of human rights for all the inhabitants of our country”.

“We have a duty to continue the struggle for the liberation and reunification of our homeland”, he said and added that “this fight is not over”.

Mrs. Michailidou also said that “as the President of the Republic himself has repeatedly stated, what is sought is the resumption of talks, in order, through dialogue, to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue, on the basis of a fair and sustainable solution”.

“We want the liberation and reunification of Cyprus, as well as the prevalence of the values ​​of peace and justice”, he said and added that “we want to give every citizen the right to live in the country us under conditions of security, prosperity and progress” and “to hand over to the new generation a homeland free from occupation and segregation”.

For this goal, according to the Minister of Education, “we will continue to fight, because this is what we owe to all those who lived, grew up and died in the refugee camps, to those who are still waiting for their return”.

This is what we owe, he continued, above all, to those who fought and sacrificed for the freedom of our country and “this will be the real justification of their sacrifice with their own lives, the most precious good”.

“Honoring today the two anniversaries that sealed the modern history of Cyprus and while our homeland, after the treacherous coup and the Turkish invasion of 1974, continues to be under Turkish occupation for 50 years, the fighters with their sacrifice remind us of the price of love towards freedom and the homeland”, she underlined.

Mrs. Michailidou said that “it is to them that we owe the existence of the Republic of Cyprus and that is why she has immense respect for these fighters and their families that we face every year the sacrifice of their very lives”.


Source: www.philenews.com

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