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Michel: The EU has a positive role to play in the Pentagon

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Michel: The EU has a positive role to play in the Pentagon

The EU has in the past participated in the Pentagon on the Cyprus issue and will remain committed to the issue as it believes that it can indeed play a positive and fruitful role for greater progress in the region, said European Council President Charles Michel after the 2nd day of the teleconference. of 27.

In particular, when asked to explain how they take into account the developments in relation to Turkey in the whole debate on EU security and defense and what role the EU should play in the forthcoming five-party conference on the Cyprus issue, the President of the European Council noted The following:


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“You know that we intend to hold another strategic debate in March on the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and the EU-Turkey relationship. And we will prepare this debate in the coming weeks. And of course you know that Turkey is a member of NATO, it is a It is no secret that we have had some difficulties with Turkey in recent months, but our aim in the light of the latest conclusions, the latest decisions taken together at European level – is to have this debate again in March and to take decisions together again in March. “

He stressed that “as far as the UN process (for the Cyprus issue) is concerned, you are right, in the past the EU has participated as an observer and we are still an observer in this 5 + 1 process on the settlement of the Cyprus issue. And we will be very “We are committed as an EU because we really believe that we can play a positive role, a fruitful role in supporting all the positive efforts to make more progress in the region.”

“What do we want for the region? More stability and predictability. We know that there are some difficulties, some differences, and we will try our best to promote the European interest, the interest of the Member States and also to give more stability and predictability to “This is an important area for us,” concluded President Michel.

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