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Migration: Moving in the hope of convincing Nicosia – Double battle towards the EU and Lebanon

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Μεταναστευτι κo: Κινελται με την ελπλδα να πελσε ι η ΛευκωσΙα – Διπλor μαχη προς την &Epsilon ;Ε και τον Λλβανο

The Cypriot government is moving towards the European Union but also towards Lebanon, hoping that it will succeed in convincing its interlocutors to take measures in order to deal with the problem of migrant flows which is becoming more and more acute.

From the area of ​​Europe, Nicosia sees nothing more than verbal support, and that is why President Christodoulidis will meet in Athens the president of the Commission in order to ask her for more substantial support. On Monday it was announced that the PtD with two ministers and the head of the GEEF will go to Lebanon in an attempt to convince the Lebanese government to stop letting the boats leave undisturbed for Cyprus.

As far as the European Union factor is concerned, it is obvious that President Christodoulides should move even more pressingly in the direction of the Commission and Ursula von der Leyen, in order to convince her to take steps towards Lebanon.

Nicosia has elaborated some proposals that President Christodoulidis will put to the President of the Commission. Proposals that may act as reinforcements in the direction of Lebanon, while at the same time acting as a deterrent to migrant trafficking. It is recalled that recently the European Commission had taken the lead in reaching an agreement with Egypt where significant incentives were given to Cairo. Similar moves could be made towards Lebanon.

Regarding the dialogue between Cyprus and Lebanon, initially a visit of the head of the armed forces of the neighboring country was planned, for contacts in Nicosia with the object of discussing the adoption of measures to deal with migrant trafficking. Late on Thursday afternoon, President Christodoulidis announced that next Monday, together with the Foreign and Interior ministers, he will go to Beirut for meetings at the highest level. The head of the National Guard will be with them.

Essentially what the Cypriot mission will attempt is to convince Lebanon to stop the boats from leaving Lebanese shores. So far the Lebanese side insists that it is impossible to prevent the sailing of boats carrying illegal immigrants. In the past, the previous government had decided to give two surveillance boats, which the Lebanese police would use to intercept migrant boats.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kostantinos Kombos, in his statements after the meeting he had with the president of EDEK, stated that they also discussed “the burning issue of immigration” which, as he said, worries both society and the government, “from and we try to take those decisions, which will lead to a mitigation of the phenomenon, which is particularly worrying”. He continued by noting that within this logic, the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, has announced the transition to Lebanon “where we will examine various options that have arisen in the context of our planning, with the aim of reaching some result which to be satisfactory”.

Nevertheless, he added, “the situation is extremely difficult and this is something that should worry both the European Union and, of course, the friendly country of Lebanon.” It is recalled that the President of the Republic said on Thursday that he will go to Lebanon on Monday together with the Ministers of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, the Chief of the National Guard and other officials for a meeting with the country's leadership regarding immigration.

< p>President Christodoulidis said that, “we are in a difficult situation, in a crisis, but I want to assure that we will do everything possible and in everything possible I do not exclude anything, so that we can face this situation and rest assured that we will deal with it.” He also said that on Sunday he will meet with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and that there is also contact at the technocratic level on this matter.

The Annita calls her counterparts

The dimensions assumed by the immigration crisis require a common collective effort, was the message sent by the speaker of the Parliament Annita Dimitriou with her interventions. It undertakes a series of initiatives in order to convince its foreign counterparts to help the Cypriot effort to deal with the flow of migrants. The intention of the president of the Parliament is to send letters to her European counterparts.
At the same time, she is moving to have the immigration issue discussed in the context of the upcoming session of presidents of EU parliaments to be held in Spain. Annita Dimitriou, in her letter to the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, suggests that a joint meeting of the presidents of the parliaments of front-line countries be held to discuss immigration.

The president of DISY will be in Athens today to attend and speak at the New Democracy conference where, during the contacts he will have in the Greek capital, one of the topics he will discuss is immigration.

Source: www.philenews.com

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