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Mikis Theodorakis: Intervention of his son in Margarita's plans for the funeral – “We will respect his wish”

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Intervention of the son of Mikis Theodorakis , George, for the case of the burial of the great composer that turned into a thriller, after the intention of his daughter Margarita to be buried in Vrachati, defying her father's last wish to be buried in Galatas, Chania. In a post on Facebook, his son Mikis Theodorakis, addressing his sister Margarita, asks that his father's wish be respected “with silence and respect”.

Initially, George Theodorakis in the text he posted addressed his sister, writing: “ Calm Margarita, we will respect his wish with silence and respect, this is what everyone else says. The pain we have is enough for us “.

However, he then corrected his message , as shown by editing the post, removing his sister's name.

We will respect his wish with silence and respect. This is what everyone else says. The pain we have is enough for us “is now noted in the message that is posted on his Facebook account.

Thriller for the funeral 24 hours after his death

It is recalled that a court decision prevented Margarita Theodoraki from attending her father's funeral in Vrachati, as she wishes, and forbids any action that would be contrary to the wishes of the great composer.

Thus, despite Margarita's intention not to follow the last wish of Mikis Theodorakis – who has asked in the most official and categorical way to be buried in Galatas Chania – assigning the ceremony to another funeral home and looking for other cemeteries, the Athens Single Member Court of First Instance blocks her plans.

And with today's decision he issued a temporary order prohibiting any action for the burial of the deceased. According to information, an associate of Mikis Theodorakis appealed to the court, who in fact presented a number of documents, which proved in a way that cannot be disputed, the last wish of the deceased.

The letter to the Mayor of Chania

It is noted that as it became known, Mikis Theodorakis had sent a letter to the then mayor of Chania, Manolis Skoulakis, asking for the assistance of the then Mayor in the realization of his wish to be buried in Galatas, Chania.

In fact, according to Zarpanews.gr, Mikis Theodorakis states in the letter that his family is against it, but points out that it is his right to decide the fate of his body and asks Manolis Skoulakis to do what he is possible to prevail, as he writes, his desire for any opposition.

And he adds that, if Manolis Skoulakis is no longer mayor when the fatal thing happens, the then mayor of the city should be informed about this wish, as it happened.

The revelation of the letter was made on Friday afternoon by the current mayor of Chania, Panagiotis Simandirakis, in an extraordinary press conference. Mr. Simandirakis, who was indirectly charged by the great Greek composer to carry out the wish of Mikis Theodorakis, stressed that he assumes this responsibility.

See the letter in question:

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