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Min. Agriculture: Subsidies over 60 million euros to farmers in December

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“We are trying to find solutions within the framework of the possibilities of the state and the economy”, said Mr. Xenophon

Υπ. Γεωργλας: Επιδο&tau ;orσεις πéραν των 60 εκ. ευρo σε γεωργ οyς τον ΔεκΕμβριο

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More than 60 million euros will soon be given to Cypriot farmers through hectare subsidies, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Petros Xenophontos, announced on Tuesday.

In his statements, on the sidelines of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture , which examined the issue of increased production costs in the agricultural and livestock sector, Mr. Xenophontos said that “soon and in December it is expected that our agricultural and livestock farmers will receive subsidies of the order of 60 million euros and this is very important at the given moment” .

According to the Minister of Agriculture, “everyone recognizes that the primary sector of the economy is important and that it faces problems”, however, he noted that “we are trying to find solutions within the framework of the possibilities of the state and the economy”.

” We work very hard in cooperation with the agricultural organizations and always within the framework of the economy's possibilities to provide all possible assistance to our farmers and breeders”, he said.

As he said, “the tools we have at our disposal are the rural development program, the new CAP with 454 million, which are very important, the risk management plan, as well as other measures that are in the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture”.< /p>

Besides, for his part, the President of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Giannakis Gavriil, said that “listening to the Minister, one would think that our farmers are millionaires”, to emphasize that since last March, which while it is a priority of President Nikos Christodoulidis the reduction of production costs in the primary sector, we have not heard anything.” production kills the primary sector. We heard a lot of 'will' as we heard it the previous times. We haven't seen actions, all we hear are announcements,” said Mr. Gavriel.

He said that “this government must finally stop mocking the agricultural world,” adding that “agricultural organizations are hitting him alarm bells that it's not going any further”.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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