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Min. Energy: Cyprus key to the EU's energy security

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Mr. Papanastasiou met with the Speaker of the Parliament Annita Dimitriou whom he informed about the energy developments

Υπ. ΕνΕργειας: Η Κyπροσ κλειδi για την ενεργειακor ασφλ εια της Ε&Epsilon?

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Cyprus “certainly can become a key” for the European Union's energy security, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, Giorgos Papanastasiou, said on Friday, indicating that there is a passage to Europe from the eastern Mediterranean, via Egypt, for Europe's markets. . Mr. Papanastasiou made statements after his meeting with the President of the House of Representatives, Annita Dimitriou, whom he informed about the energy developments. The meeting took place in the office of the President of the Parliament.

After the meeting, Mr. Papanastasiou mentioned that he had a very constructive discussion with the Speaker of the Parliament on energy issues. He added that Mrs. Dimitriou requested an update on all the material in the sense of planning which has been done and has already been processed through the workshop that was implemented and will continue with the visit to Israel.

He also stated that specific questions were asked about the Vasilikos gasification terminal and its construction and operation, which were explained. He also added that energy issues concerning the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone were also covered.

Asked by journalists whether Cyprus can become a key to the energy security of the European Union and whether natural gas can be transported from Cyprus to the European Union, he stated that “of course it can become a key” saying that there is a path to Europe from the eastern Mediterranean, through Egypt for European markets.

He added that Cyprus, because it is geographically located in the area where there is natural wealth, can create such an infrastructure, which should be the one alternative to the markets of Europe.

The Minister explained that Cyprus can become a key, clarifying that to do this Cyprus needs allies in the sense that these allies have natural gas in sufficient quantities to justify these infrastructures, but at the same time the companies are also ready to invest in the specific sector.

In a separate question about the period of time that such a proposal will take, he answered that energy projects need some time from the moment the investment decision is made to be implemented.

In this case, said Mr. Papanastasiou, for this decision, “the planning should be completed first, we must gather the knowledge and positions of our neighbors on the matter and then we will decide whether we proceed with the planning”.< /p>

The Minister repeated that he had indicated in the past that through planning, from the moment the investment decision for pipelines from Israel is made, it takes at least 18 months for Cyprus to be able to have a liquefaction station. He said that if there is a final outcome it will take another two and a half to three years. The planning, he continued, should be implemented through a course which is the implementation strategy.

When asked about what is expected in Israel, he replied that “in Israel we will translate the Prime Minister's political position in deed-project”. He noted that “if we see that this is really translated into practice within the timetables that we have as the Republic of Cyprus, then we will move forward”.

In his introductory statement to his meeting with Mrs. Dimitriou, the Minister stated that “we hope that we will be able to make a plan that is up-to-date and fits within the new environment, which is the environment of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and which has caused a serious energy crisis mainly in Europe”.

Mr. Papanastasiou said that Cyprus is in a geographical position that can provide solutions to some of the issues related to energy and because “we are very close to wealth related to energy, but also to countries that have enough energy wealth” adding that he believes that Cyprus can be an intermediary in the eastern Mediterranean for all the solutions that these states seek.

Mr. Papanastasiou stated that we should “put Cyprus first” pointing out that this is the goal of the Christodoulidis Government. He explained that “Cyprus first” means that energy costs for the Cypriot citizen and industry should be reduced which will translate into a good economy. He stated that “we should look at our transition to green energy and when I say transition we may be talking about natural gas because it happens to be in our neighborhood, but our ultimate destination is green energy which should be produced because and of the sunshine we have in Cyprus”.

Mrs. Dimitriou, conveying the message on behalf of all the Members of the House of Representatives, stated that “we expect and look forward and I am sure that we will have cordial cooperation on all the issues that we have to manage, let alone on the controversial issue of energy, for which we all understand the important role it has at the moment, due to the energy crisis or the effort to break free from the Russian monopoly as it was in the heart of Europe”.

Our position, Ms. Dimitriou added, is that Cyprus can really be a key to synergies and collaborations, especially in the region, so that Europe can also achieve its goals. He stated that the energy sector is one of the most important, complex, issues that are raised both in the sessions of the Presidents and in the Committees in which the Members of Parliament participate.

Moreover, according to the House of Representatives, it is reported that the Minister had the opportunity to discuss with the President of the House on issues concerning industry, trade and consumer protection.

Furthermore, it is noted that the President of the Parliament, for her part, expressed hope for the successful fulfillment of the government's ultimate goals, while the need for close cooperation between the executive and legislative powers was confirmed on both sides, especially in matters related to energy for the benefit of the citizens.< /p>

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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