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Min. Georgia: Restoring nature the healthy basis for ecosystems-sustainability

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<p data-block-key=The protection and restoration of nature is the sound basis for the protection of ecosystem services and the sustainable implementation of activities such as agriculture, said the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Dr. Maria Panagiotou in an intervention at the European Union Environment Council Meeting, on Monday in Luxembourg.

The Council approved by a majority the agreement reached last November with the European Parliament on the Nature Restoration Regulation. The legislation aims to restore degraded habitats and restore nature to all ecosystems, including forests, marine, freshwater, agricultural land and urban ecosystems by 20% by 2030.

Furthermore, the Council approved the General Approach on the proposal to amend the Waste Framework Directive, in relation to food waste and textile waste.

The Minister supported the compromise text, highlighting in particular the provisions regarding the tourism correction factor and the use of a representative reference year for food waste production, given that 2020 is not representative due to the Pandemic.

Dr Panagiotou also underlined the need for special treatment of charitable organizations in terms of textile waste, so that their humanitarian actions are not affected.

Ministers also adopted the Council's General Approach on the Soil Monitoring Law. In her intervention, the Minister emphasized the importance of the provision for the assistance of Member States' experts by the Commission in the implementation of the legislation in question, due to its highly technical and innovative nature.

During the work of the Council the General Approach for the Green Claims Directive was also adopted. The Minister emphasized the importance of this Directive for the effective treatment of “greenwashing”.

She mentioned that through it both the consumer public and the philosophy of ecological and environmentally friendly products and services. At the same time, he noted that through it the businesses themselves are protected, ensuring the trust of their customers and partners. 

In the context of the debate on the European climate goal for 2040, Dr. Panagiotou referred to the need for effective implementation and development of tools such as the Carbon Cross-Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), the Innovation Fund as well as the Net Zero Emission Industry Act (NZIA).

It also highlighted the role of the circular economy in combating climate change since it offers the opportunity to reuse and reduce new production of materials, thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

During a working lunch, the Ministers exchanged views on the first climate risk assessment report prepared for the European Commission.

The Minister emphasized that there is need to support Member States with financial tools to help adapt to the new data created by climate change. 

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