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Min. Georgia: The Government will continue to take measures to protect forests

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<p data-block-key=The protection of forests from fires concerns everyone and therefore the Government will continue to take all necessary measures in order to minimize the damage caused by fires to the smallest possible extent, assured today the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou.

According to a statement from the Ministry, in her greeting at a tree planting event in Chandria organized by the Community Council in collaboration with organized community groups, the Minister of Agriculture emphasized that deforestation and the uncontrolled use of this natural resource have led to an alarming decrease of the number of trees worldwide, while at the same time the climate crisis has worsened the conditions for the growth of forests, with increased temperatures, drought and more frequent and larger forest fires, which destroy huge areas of forests every year.

He indicated that, therefore, tree planting is an essential environmental initiative with multiple benefits, which affects the health, economy and well-being of the entire humanity, underlining that trees, as the lungs of the Earth, through photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide carbon and produce oxygen, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions and also providing shelter and food for many species of wildlife, contributing to soil stability and improving air and water quality.

“All of us have an important role in this effort, each in our own way, with the ultimate goal of creating for us and the coming generations a better, healthier and free of various pollutants natural environment ” noted Ms. Panagiotou while also making special reference to the tree planting program “Planting for the Climate”, which was announced last October by the Ministry of Agriculture and was successfully implemented by the Department of Forestry for the fifth consecutive year.

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