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Min. Georgia: The particularities of island states must be respected

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<p data-block-key=The island member states and their particularities must be respected, said the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Dr. Maria Panagiotou who participated in Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers of the European Union (EU), held in Luxembourg on Monday.

According to an official statement, the main topics that occupied the Council were the attempt to adopt Council Conclusions on the future of agriculture in the EU and the European Commission's communication on sustainable fisheries in the EU.

The Conclusions on the future of agriculture in the EU could not be adopted due to the disagreements of some Member States. Ms. Panagiotou initially welcomed the fact that the conclusions mention the island member states and their particularities, which must be respected. Following her intervention, the Minister requested that the wording in the Conclusions for “fair distribution of direct aid between the Member States” takes into account the parameters that differentiate the practice of agriculture in the various Member States.

In particular with regard to Cyprus, Dr. Panagiotou requested, among other things, that in the planning for the future of agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the value of agricultural land, the cost of production, the cost of transport and the degree to which all of which affect the viability of farmers.

Regarding fisheries, Dr. Panagiotou welcomed the announcement of the European Commission on sustainable fisheries in the EU and emphasized the need to strengthen the management of fisheries in the Mediterranean, the energy transition of the fishing fleet and ensuring a level playing field. He further emphasized the importance of effective implementation of measures against illegal, unregulated and unregulated fishing, an issue for which Cyprus faces significant challenges due to Turkey's illegal actions.

In in the context of the Council, Croatia referred to the recent damage to agricultural production caused by adverse weather conditions. Dr. Panayiotou, noting that Cyprus is also often affected by severe weather phenomena, emphasized the need to provide additional financial support measures for farmers and supported Croatia's request.

The Minister, with her position on Bulgaria's request to take measures to facilitate the absorption of the available credits for Rural Development, emphasized the importance of ensuring the full absorption of the EU credits to support the rural world and brought back the suggestion to utilize the unused funds of the CAP for dealing with crises in agriculture.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Dr. Panagiotou, in her conversation with the Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski, had the opportunity to invite him to participate in the Ministerial Conference of the Mediterranean Member States of the EU (MED9), which will take place in Cyprus in the framework of the Cyprus Presidency of MED9 between 1-3/9/2024, with the main topic of discussion being the effects of water scarcity and drought on food security and in maintaining the social fabric of rural areas. The Commissioner gladly accepted the invitation and confirmed his presence at the work of MED9.

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