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Min. Working for ATA: It is important that we all agree

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Mr. Panagiotou said that some have already decided in a positive direction and some are in the process of evaluating the data

Υπ. ΕργασΙας για ΑΤ Α: Εiναι σημαντικo να εiμαστε oλοι συναινετικοi

It is important that we can all be creative, be consensual, realize that through a compromise no one can achieve everything they think is right, said the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance in the midst of consultations to renew the Automati agreement Indexation Adjustment (ATA).

Analyzing the government's labor market policy, before the 13th Nicosia Economic Congress, Mr. Panagiotou referred to the mediation effort of the Ministry, underlining at the same time the need to ensure stability and labor peace, which is necessary for the development of the economy, as he said.

“Employers cannot build the workers they might imagine and agree with them on everything and workers can't build the employers they might imagine and that's why we have to come to compromises,” he said, adding that he estimates that “through the maturity and seriousness that characterizes the social partners in Cyprus over time we will soon manage to have a positive result”.

However, saying that this is left to the social partners, Mr. Panagiotou he said that some have already decided in a positive direction and some are in the process of evaluating the data.

“And I think this may soon lead to what we need. We need an agreement, we need stability, we need to ensure labor peace, we need to enable the development of the economy, especially a very good tourist season that is coming, we need to help to strengthen social cohesion, because the cost of living is high” , he said and added: “So I estimate that all these things taken together will lead us to a positive result”.

Balanced growth

Besides, Mr. Panagiotou said that the main reference point of government policy “is the balanced development of the economy with the cohesion of society.

“A false impression is created that the development of the economy and the cohesion of society work in competition” , he said.

He described the expansion of the production base as very important and the definition of what exactly this means, clearly “we want to bring as many citizens of the country as possible into the production process. Strengthening and equality of access to the working environment, more women in the labor market. This cannot be just a slogan,” he added.

Speaking self-critically, as he said, although many important things have been done by the Ministry and my predecessors in the past years, the field of human resource development here and for some decades it did not receive the emphasis it deserved.

“It is my priority and of everything I have to do the most developmental is this. We need the so-called better interconnection of the educational system with the labor market”, said Mr. Panagiotou.

He also pointed out the need for a rational utilization of the foreign workforce, stressing that we also need people from other European countries. and people from third countries and cited the tourism industry as an example.

“But”, he continued, “the utilization of foreign labor force needs to be rational and according to the needs, taking into account that everything we do affects the cohesion of our society”.

Furthermore, in his speech, Mr. Panagiotou referred to the importance of the European Year of Skills 2023, which officially started today and focuses on green and digital skills.

< p>In this context, the Ministry of Labour, said Mr. Panagiotou, during the next meeting of the Council of Ministers will submit a proposal, which has been formulated regarding the National Action Plan for the European Year of Skills.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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