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Mine Atli- President of the C/C Community Party of Democracy in “P”: They want us to be afraid of them in order to be silent

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Ersin Tatar, having the blessings of Ankara, feels so strong that he denounces any criticism. The setback in democratic processes, human rights and free speech is evident and the people who express themselves are persecuted and arrested. The new president of the Community Democratic Party (TDP) Mine Atli, who was reported to the “police” by the “presidency” for a post she made on her Facebook account, in an interview with “P” she states unequivocally that the situation in the occupied territories has developed as extremely difficult during the Tatar days. Ms. Atli also notes that the passage of time with the unresolved Cyprus issue pushes the Turkish Cypriots closer and closer to Turkey. This is strengthened by the economic patronage of Turkey towards the Turkish Cypriot community. The economic situation in the occupied territories is very bad with the devaluation of the pound and the Turkish Cypriots are getting poorer.

Ms. Atli calls on the Greek Cypriot side, as well as the international community, to create the conditions for resolving the issue, showing their good intentions with a more courageous MOE, in order to encourage the Turkish Cypriots themselves for the intentions of the EU. K for the solution.

Complaint motivated

Commenting on the recent complaint received by Mr. Tatar for “insulting the president”, on the occasion In a post on her Facebook account, Ms. Atley said she was politically motivated.

“They do not want us to criticize them, they want us to behave with servitude and to be afraid of them in an attempt to silence us,” he said.

The National Unity Party (UBP), the Democratic Party (DP) and the Renaissance Party (Settlers Party), the TDP leader refused to call it a “government”, calling it a travesty.

He pointed out that the former “prime minister” (05/11/21-12/05-22), Faiz Suzuoglu had asked to change a “minister” of the “government”, with Ankara intervening and in essence placing him Unal Ustel in “prime minister” position.

Calls for pressure

make every effort together with the UN to put on the negotiating table a framework for a solution that will lead to a referendum.

“As time goes by and the Turkish Cypriots do not see a possible solution to the Cyprus problem, they will be pushed towards Turkey,” he said.

and Development (AKP), is “I give you the money and you do what I tell you”. He added that the demographic picture of the Turkish Cypriot community is constantly changing, as the number of Turks arriving in the northern part of Cyprus is increasing.

Therefore, he concluded, this is the last opportunity presented to us to we receive a “YES” from the T/C community in a solution referendum.

Asked how she sees the recent statements of Mr. Anastasiadis about the Confidence Building Measures, Mine Atli answered that she finds them positive, but at the same time, they are based in some way on the fact that the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community is not ready now. to approach them with the same sensitivity. “However, if the e/k side includes the opening of more checkpoints in the MOE, then it will encourage the progressive T/Cs to build more peaceful culture and to believe that a solution is still possible,” he added.

< p> The goals of the TDP

Referring to the goals set by the TDP, as the new president of the party stressed that it is the foundation of the idea for a federal solution in the form of the ICC, the promotion of a culture of peace, but also the protection of the Turkish Cypriot and Cypriot in general identity. Another goal of the TDP is to encourage progressive forces to form a common front. “All democratic forces, both in the Turkish Cypriot community and in the Greek Cypriot community, must work together and play a productive role in resolving the Cyprus issue,” he said. He added that the TDP wants the Turkish Cypriot institutes to be able to act as European ones, as in case of a solution to the Cyprus problem they will have a key role to play.

The social and economic situation in the Turkish Cypriot community

The T/C community is in an extremely dire situation, both in terms of financial and social situation, with the fact that it plagues households every day.

“We are experiencing extremely bad situations, in almost all areas,” Atli said. “There is a huge setback in human rights issues and especially in the issue of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is under persecution. “People are being persecuted and arrested simply for comments posted on social media or for political action,” he said. “T/C salaries have dropped dramatically, at the same time as oil, electricity and rent prices have skyrocketed,” he said. Especially the T/C youth, can not buy the basic goods. “They can not support themselves with the meager wages they receive,” he added.

Turkey has launched an attack on the Turkish Cypriots, not only on their democratic values, but also on their own identity.

“The Turkish Cypriot community is a secular community and believes in democratic rights. but also in the role of law. “Now they want us to send our children to pray, to build big mosques and to undermine our secularism in general.” cooperation between E/K and T/K. “For years, the progressive Turkish Cypriots have resisted the pressures exerted by Turkey,” he said.

they do not want a solution to the Cyprus problem. “It is up to the e/k community to prove the opposite. “Now, more than ever, the Turkish Cypriots need the support of the Greek Cypriots, in order to prove, both to ourselves and to the international community, that we can live together,” he concluded.

Source: politis.com.cy

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