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Minister of Health: Expresses readiness and responds to criticism – Vaccinated people are obliged to pay for rapid tests

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Minister of Health: Expresses readiness and responds to criticism - Vaccinated people are obliged to pay for rapid tests

The readiness to solve all the problems identified by the operation of the clinics that will discharge the TAEP, was conveyed by the Minister of Health Mr. Michalis Hadjipandela, during a visit today to the General Hospital of Nicosia.

Speaking to media representatives, Mr. Hadjipandela said that “since the first day of my duties, together with the Director General of the Ministry of Health we have visited all the hospitals in Cyprus several times. The reason for these visits was to be informed about the problems that hospitals and patients have “.

What we diagnosed, among other things, said Mr. Hadjipandela, “is in the TAEP where the people are not served as soon as we would like to be served. The goal of the Government is to improve these problems immediately, that is why we have come in communication and consultation with the OAY and the OKYPY and we have prepared a plan. The purpose of this visit was to see if this plan works properly and if we have any problems to solve.

Apparently, there are some problems, but there is good will on all sides to solve them. The goal is to help patients and we will do that constantly. “

Asked to comment on the complaints from patients that there is a long delay, the Minister noted that the problem will be solved by staffing the clinics with more medical staff. “Currently, in collaboration with OAY, we have additional doctors. We have some problems and we will solve them. We must not forget that we currently have about 300 patients being treated for COVID, we must understand that our hospitals are in a difficult phase because of these patients, but at the same time we do not stop working and finding solutions for these patients “, he said.

Answering a relevant question, the Minister of Health noted that the recruited providers strengthen the TAEP. These are providers who have experience in staffing TAEP.

Asked if this is a practice that will apply only for this period which is difficult due to increased hospitalizations due to COVID or will remain in the future, Mr. Hadjipandella clarified that this practice will continue in August and September, and noted that if it appears that patients are benefiting from it, the possibility of its expansion and enhancement will certainly be considered.

The number goes up in walk-ins

For her part, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, referring to the vaccinations in the free centers, said that until yesterday they approached 10,600. “The number of walk-ins is increasing, which we will strengthen. From the 5th of August, anyone can go, even if he is not registered in the GESS. Also from Monday, the platform will be open for children over 12 years old. In other words, we have turned so much this vaccine program for the well-understood interest of Public Health, of ourselves, of those around us, so that we can get out of the pandemic and especially for the children now that the new academic year will open. “, he said.

When asked if vaccinations will follow in Academic Institutions, as happened in the previous days at TEPAK, Dr. Giannaki answered in the affirmative, noting that actions are already underway. With all these moves, he continued, we will reach the goal set for the end of August.

On his part, the Director of OAY Mr. Andreas Papakonstantinou acknowledged the problem observed in OAY and causes inconvenience to the citizens in a period with peculiarities. He stressed that there are no excuses and solutions must be found. “The Minister is very sensitive in this matter, he is very practical, we are by his side and we will find solutions. As of today we have identified some problems. We will wait until Monday to have a complete picture and with the help of private doctors who are at GESS and are in a great mood to help, we will find solutions for August and September, we will test the system and based on the needs we will see whether we will continue it “, explained Mr. Papakonstantinou.

In a related question, Mr. Papakonstantinou pointed out that the issue of solving problems is complex. There are practical issues, sometimes it is also a matter of equipment or access or even staff. The goal, he added, is to provide a comprehensive solution.

Mr. Papakonstantinou, when asked about this, said that in Nicosia there will be two shifts and they will be staffed by doctors who already work in the TAEP of OKYPY.

Finally, on his part, the Executive Director of the Nicosia Region of OKYPY Mr. Kyriakos Georgiou thanked the Minister of Health and the General Director for the continuous support they give these days which are very difficult for public hospitals.

Referring to the patients treated with COVID at the General Hospital of Nicosia, Mr. Georgiou thanked the General Manager for the help he offers to refer patients to the private sector, thus reducing the fullness of the hospital to be able to meet the needs of COVID cases. “It is a continuous effort, we need cooperation and communication to be able to cope.”

Mr. Georgiou also conveyed his thanks to all the staff of the hospital, which, as he said, these days is being tested as never before, but continuing to work with a positive spirit, teamwork and professionalism.

In conclusion, invited by a journalist to comment on the abolition of the free rapid test program for citizens from tomorrow, a decision that provoked opposing positions and by members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, Mr. Hadjipandella reiterated that this is a decision taken by the Council of Ministers after considering all data. “So far we have paid 26 million euros for rapid tests, not counting the other costs. Right now, our hospitals need this financial injection. At the same time, we respect the views of our fellow citizens. Since the State provides the vaccine and the choice of vaccination to all our fellow citizens, we believe that once they have the option to be vaccinated, they will not need rapid tests. “But since they themselves decided not to get the vaccine, we consider it their obligation to pay for the rapid tests,” he said.

The Minister of Health stated that the points that will work for the groups of the population that are excluded from the paid test will be announced, as the practice so far. He noted that he remained vigilant to resolve any issues that might arise and explained that a prerequisite for a clinical laboratory or pharmacy to be able to perform a test is its connection to the platform, so that the results can be given immediately.

This is the certificate form for free Rapid test – For those who can not be vaccinated

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Source: politis.com.cy

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