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Minister of Health: Our actions are aimed at protecting Public Health

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Minister of Health: Our actions are aimed at protecting Public Health

All our actions stem from our goal to protect Public Health, said today the Minister of Health Mr. Konstantinos Ioannou. The Minister of Health spoke after the end of the meeting he had with the management team of OKYPY, during which the updated plan for the management of a possible 3rd wave of the pandemic was presented.

Asked to comment on the increase in cases in recent days that resulted in the convening of an extraordinary meeting with the Scientific Advisory Committee on Coronavirus, the Minister of Health said that the increase in cases is a matter of concern. He said he expected to hear the Commission's position on the increase in cases, the evaluation of measures and possible action to be taken at today's special meeting with the TEU.

“I have nothing to suggest to epidemiologists. We, from the beginning of the pandemic, listen to the suggestions of the experts and update our plan. The de-escalation plan is based on the experts' suggestions anyway. We expected an increase in cases with the de-escalation of the measures, but the sharp increase worries us. Although we expected an increase, it is much more than we expected. “I want to hear the opinions of the experts, how they evaluate the current situation and whether they have anything extra to suggest or propose”, the Minister pointed out.

Asked if, after the increase in cases, thoughts are being made to differentiate the de-escalation plan, the Minister of Health reiterated that “with the pandemic, you can not even do medium-term planning. Everything can change. And what I have been emphasizing for a very long time is that it can be a matter of days before the pandemic escapes us and after a matter of weeks we pick it up and reduce the number of hospitalizations. So we have to be vigilant, evaluate the data and whatever is needed or suggested to us, for us Public Health and the protection of the epidemiological image are paramount. Always guided and with the aim of protecting Public Health, all our actions result and with this goal we proceed “.

In relation to the updated plan presented by OKYPY, Mr. Ioannou noted that since the end of January, after the end of the 2nd wave and the reduction of hospitalizations, he had asked the Organization to use this period ” that we go through that there is no pressure in the hospitals, for even better preparation. An updated plan has been prepared, the number of patients who can serve in both the Intensive Care Unit and the COVID-19 Clinics has increased, they have undergone training, further equipment has been developed, and now there is all this accumulated experience of OKYPY, which is used in cooperation with the private sector, for a possible 3rd wave and that is pleasant “.

Asked to say what is included in the OKYPY plan, Mr. Ioannou said that more beds are provided, about 300 more, noting that “we know that the limit is 120 Intensive Care beds so it has been utilized, so that they increase in relation to the nursing and medical staff, have trained nursing and medical staff that may need to be utilized, but there are other details, mistakes observed in the second wave and ways to improve. All this, Mr. Ioannou said, has finally been adopted, with the aim of operating even more efficiently if necessary.

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