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Minister of Health: The restaurants do not open on March 1, the SMS remains, nature trails open (audio)

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Minister of Health: The restaurants do not open on March 1, the SMS remains, nature trails open (audio)

The restaurants do not open on March 1, the SMS remain but the nature trails open, Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou told POLITIS 107.6 and the “Morning Inspection”.

According to Mr. Ioannou, if the operation of the restaurants is allowed at this crucial moment, there will be a setback, while at the same time he clarified that no change is expected in the first two weeks of March in relation to traffic. Therefore, any relaxations, including the cancellation of sending SMS to 8998, are postponed to a later stage.

Asked about the issue of returning students to schools, the Minister of Health clarified that although there are different views and it is still an issue that is still being discussed, his own view is that students should not return all classes together. next Monday, but gradually.

A final decision on this issue will be taken next Thursday at the cabinet meeting.

“We want the relaxations to be as careful and controlled as possible. “The epidemiological picture is clearly improved but the danger remains,” the minister said.

Mr. Ioannou stressed that the week we are going through is critical since the results of the relaxations that took place two weeks ago will be visible. He explained that the mass screening helps to identify and isolate the cases.

Asked about a private initiative for the import of vaccines from Russia, the Minister of Health clarified that Cyprus does not have the know-how and equipment to proceed with its own vaccine evaluation outside the European Union, and at the same time clarified that this is done by the European Medicines Agency. “But, even if we did, who would accept such a drug that has not been approved by any international or European organization?” he wondered.

Regarding the vaccinations, he stated that everything goes smoothly and that there is an equal distribution of vaccines in the provinces with the immediate distribution of all the quantities received. By the end of March and the beginning of April, said the Minister of Health, 170-180 thousand people will be vaccinated with the first dose, while by the end of June the Ministry of Health will be able to vaccinate 70% of the population if everything goes smoothly.

Cases in young people

In recent weeks, according to the Minister of Health, there has been an increase in cases at a young age and this is due to vaccinations carried out in older age groups, but also to the new strain of the virus which affects particularly young people.

Commenting on the increase in cases in Limassol, he stressed that the situation is particularly worrying and that is why special care must be taken in the relaxations, however, ruling out the possibility of local lockdowns.

Listen in detail to the statements of the Minister of Health, Konstantinos Ioannou, in the “Morning Inspection” broadcast by POLITIS 107.6 & 97.6:

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Source: politis.com.cy

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