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MINISTRY OF FINANCE: Supplementary budget of €361.09 million submitted to the Parliament

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An amount of €116 million is intra-governmental transactions and therefore does not affect the fiscal balance, reports the competent Ministry

ΥΠΟΙΚ: Συμπληρωματ&iota ;κo προDπολογισμo €361.09 εκ. κατeθεσ&epsilon ; στη Βουλor

Supplementary budget for 2023, amounting to €361,098,659, with the burden on the fiscal balance amounting to 0.85% of GDP, the Ministry of Finance submitted on Thursday to the Parliament, stating that the amount of €116 million is intra-governmental transactions and “therefore not affects the fiscal balance”.

In a report, which accompanies the bill for a supplementary budget, which was approved on June 21 by the Council of Ministers, it is stated that after the passage by the Parliament of a supplementary budget for 2023 amounting to €75 million to cover the government measures to support the of Ukrainian refugees and unaccompanied minors and the continuation of the plan to support citizens and businesses through the subsidy of electricity, “a series of requests have arisen that have been submitted by independent agencies/Ministries/Deputy Ministries/Departments to the Ministry of Finance to cover additional needs.

The additional needs, according to the report of the bill, concern “for social benefits, for strengthening the sectors of health, education, sports, housing for the displaced, strengthening the agricultural sector and various other needs, which arose due to the serious effects created in the economy by the war in Ukraine and inflation”.

With regard to the largest expenses, these concern, among others, €60 million for the payment of ATA in the second half of 2023, €60 million for the implementation of co-financed Grant Projects/Plans, €59 million for the purchase of water due to an increase in the cost of desalinated water which is mainly due to the increase in the price of electricity, €56 million for government sponsorship to the University of Cyprus for the implementation of development projects (€42.6 million) but also to cover operating expenses (€13.4 million ), €25.4 million for the purchase of the “Metropolitan” building, where the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance will be housed, €18.2 million for the extension of the electricity consumption subsidy measure, €15.8 million for state sponsorship to TEPAK for the implementation of the project to build student residences, €15.6 million for hosting displaced persons from Ukraine and unaccompanied minors seeking international protection, €15 million for the purchase of medicines and vaccines against COVID-19, €11 .5 million for the recruitment of temporary staff at all levels of education and €9.4 million for sponsorship to the CMO for the construction/improvement of sports facilities.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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