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Ministry of Finance – Support for the efforts of OAU to upgrade the services provided

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Mr. Keravnos said that he received information from the President and the Council of the Organization on matters of concern to them

ΥΠΟΙΚ - Στorριξη &sigma ;τις προσπαθειες ΟΑΥ για αναβαθ&mu ;ιση παρεχομΕνων υπηρεσιόν

The Government's support for the efforts of the Health Insurance Organization (OHI) to improve the quality of the services provided and to deal with any problems, expressed the Minister of Finance Makis Keraynos.

In his statements in Nicosia, after his first formal meeting with the President and the Board of Directors of the OAU, Mr. Keravnos said that he received information from the President and the Board of the Organization on matters of concern to them.

“We had a very good discussion, I can say in depth, and my visit shows the Government's interest in this institution, an institution that belongs to the people, an institution that the new Government says must be preserved, strengthened , to be able to respond to the needs of our society”, he noted.

Mr. Keravnos noted that he assured the President and the Board of Directors of the OAU that he will be by their side in the actions and initiatives they undertake, especially to improve the quality of the services provided, but also to deal with the various weaknesses and distortions presented by times, characterizing them as expected for a new organization with many aspects.

He assured that he will continue to monitor the institution and will be in constant communication and cooperation with the President and the Director General of the Organization. “It is a given that we will contribute with every positive thought,” he said.

Asked if any concrete steps for changes planned and some timetables were discussed, Mr. Keravnos said that the OAU has a program for changes, improvements, for the implementation of some new protocols, for the implementation of quality indicators, for a continuous upgrade of the computerized system, for a better treatment of all issues.

“This satisfies us because it shows that the organization pays a lot of attention to quality in health matters,” he said.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors. of OAU Stavros Michail, thanked the Minister for his visit, something that shows, as he said, the interest not only of the Ministry of Finance but also of the entire Government to support GeSY, “this great reform for the benefit of the Cypriot people”.< /p>

He added that they will cooperate, with the Minister, since as he said “we are in the same boat”. He assured at the same time that everything planned by the OAU will continue to offer quality and upgraded services to the people who contribute to the NHS.

He noted that he and the Minister know each other from their previous terms at the Ministry of Finance and expressed the certainty that in the end this cooperation will benefit the entire society.

He thanked the Minister for making one of his first visits to the Organization, stating that this gives them strength to continue with more appetite to achieve their goals.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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