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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Need for effective management of the Green Line

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The need for effective immediate management of the Green Line, as well as for maximizing the number of economic migrants returning to their countries in safe conditions, was pointed out on Wednesday by the Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, who met in the context of informing parliamentary parties about Immigration with the President, Mario Karoyan and a delegation of the Democratic Party.

As the Minister of Interior stated after the meeting, “I had the opportunity to talk with the President and the delegation of DIPA and to inform them both for the immigration and the deterioration that has been observed lately with the increased flows of immigrants clearly coming from Turkey “.

He added that “of course there was an update on the management of the Ukrainian, which is the other tragic aspect that now faces all of humanity.”

Mr Nouris said he had clearly explained that “It is now clearly oriented to the fact that we do not indifferently monitor the migratory flows that arrive in our country and there should be effective management, which is not a vague philosophy, but is based on specific actions, which we have already set in motion.” >

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in those safe countries from which they come, mainly economic migrants “.

According to the Minister, the management of migratory flows consists in “the consumption of forces and resources and especially in the best possible management of those who have arrived or arrived in the Republic of Cyprus and who must be provided with proper care during their stay in our country.” ».

& nbsp; “The problems are many and we need the support of the parliamentary parties and in relation to their representation in the European area in order to send a clear message that Cyprus as a front-line member state, as the state that for the 5th consecutive year “records the undesirable first in migration flows by proportion of population needs the active support of the EU at all levels”, noted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He added that cooperation at party level is necessary ” to accept specific suggestions or to apply practices in Cyprus that are currently applied in a number of other European countries “, such as Greece where migration flows were significantly reduced by taking specific measures.

The President of DIPA stated after the meeting that “we said from the beginning that we must combine two things, on the one hand the humanitarian dimension and respect for human rights – but also our respect for international treaties and agreements – and from on the other hand, we need to preserve & nbsp; the demographic character, the social fabric and the social cohesion, so that they do not create misdeeds “.


As Marios Karoyan said, “The Minister has explained to us the contacts and consultations he has made with senior EU officials but also with those involved in these issues throughout Europe, as he also explained the practices followed in other countries. , and consequently the practices that must be followed in our country as well “.

He pointed out that “in the EU there is a framework of rules, procedures and safeguards for each country, so Cyprus could not be an exception.”

The President of DIPA noted that there is – but at the same time the preservation of security but also social cohesion in this place, so that we do not have any other side effects “.

He added that as DIPA-Cooperation of Democratic Forces -as to the best of their ability – to contribute “to the efforts of the government and all those who really want to make a positive contribution to overcoming the various issues, and at the same time preserving what I have mentioned before”.

He assured Mr. Nouris that “we will continue to have this creative relationship, not only for the issue of immigration but also for a number of other issues of the ministry you are in charge of and always with care, with arguments, but also with proposals that we believe can help address the overall problems, we will be firm in this approach. “


Source: www.philenews.com

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