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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The new Housing Policy will be highly upgraded

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The new Housing Policy will be highly upgraded

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Aiming to revitalize the countryside, the Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, visited today in Avdimou, Limassol province, noting that the Housing Policy for 2022 will be announced in a few weeks and will be “highly upgraded”.

According to the announcement, the Minister of Interior was accompanied by the Director General of the Ministry, Costas Konstantinou and other officials, as well as members of the Parliamentary Committee for Refugees and met with the community council, while inspecting Turkish Cypriot homes and properties.

In his statements, Mr. Nouris said that the visit is part of the effort to revitalize the countryside, while referring specifically to Avdimou, he said that the Ministry “has all the good mood and intention, after evaluating similar cases, such as this one, where holistic intervention is needed, to help “.

“Besides, we have proved it clearly with the generous Housing Plans we have,” he said, adding that “the goal is to help communities, such as Avdimou, to revive.”

He noted that, in addition to the registration of the premises, a static adequacy study should be carried out and that the usefulness of many of these premises should be evaluated, in cooperation with the community council.

Considering that the premises relate to Turkish Cypriot properties, he also said that the policy should be restructured and that the possibility of a holistic intervention in the village should be studied, after examining all the data.

He noted that the goal is to create something better and more attractive, especially for young people, in order to choose this village and others, for permanent ownership.

Asked about the Government's planning, the Minister noted that there is a will, which is also expressed through the Housing Policy of the Ministry of Interior , emphasizing that the Housing Policy for 2022 will be announced in a few weeks, describing it as “highly upgraded”.

Nikos Nouris noted that, as were the announcements, with the completion of last year's Plans, an evaluation has been made and points that need improvement have been identified and indicated that “there will be improvement and in fact I consider it very generous.”

He reiterated that “our current presence here is part of the general housing policy” and said that this village has been selected for many different reasons.

“There is planning, it is proving peritrana and we are not here by chance”, the Minister stressed, adding that “the mapping has already been done and from there on, the implementation will proceed in cooperation with the Local Authority”.

He also said that there will be no hasty steps and these are not small interventions, but interventions of millions of euros, which will be the subject of a study and that “our goal is to do it gradually and in the long run.”

He underlined, at the same time, that “the problems of our countryside will not be solved, neither in the next six months, nor in the next five years. “The deforestation of the Cypriot countryside has taken place in recent decades, so patience and planning are needed.”

“The government has clearly shown that it has a plan,” the interior minister concluded in his statements.

Source: www.philenews.com

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