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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: What matters in terms of arrivals from Ukraine is the humanitarian …

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The Council for Home Affairs of the European Union has decided to activate a special directive for the protection of Ukrainians coming to EU territory, but the issue of security and sound border management is also raised, reported & nbsp; the Minister of Interior Nikos Nouris after the completion of his participation in the two-day meeting of the Council in Brussels.

As he said, among the Ukrainians who have already crossed into European territory “there are many who should not have crossed the border”, but “at the moment what matters is the humanitarian dimension of the issue”.

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In particular, Mr. Nouris stated that “Europe is experiencing an unprecedented crisis, and of course the Ukrainian people an even worse crisis”, but also that Europe has proved, as during the crisis on the border between Belarus and the EU, that It is in solidarity that it is here to defend the interests of the Ukrainian people. “

” The Home Affairs Council has taken very specific decisions, in addition to the sanctions already decided, Directive on the Protection of Ukrainians “, he noted.

“However, the protection of Ukrainians also raises the issue of security for the European Union, and that is why there is a special emphasis on how to manage the EU's external borders, especially in the countries adjacent to Ukraine,” he said./p>

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“It is well known that through the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have already crossed into European territory, there are many who should not have crossed the border “according to Mr. Nouris.

“Nevertheless, at the moment what matters is the humanitarian dimension of the issue, this is how we deal with it, and of course we will activate and have activated all the mechanisms to be able to ensure security in the European Union,” concluded the Minister of Interior. p>

Meeting with Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for L.D. Congo

In the meantime, the Minister of the Interior had a meeting on the sidelines of the Council with his Belgian counterpart, Sami Mahdi, in charge of asylum and immigration, with whom they focused on the cooperation of the two countries in arranging return flights of citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo to their country. .

According to a relevant announcement, a joint return flight of Congolese nationals has already taken place for the first time in their country, while the two Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed to carry out more return flights at regular intervals. The goal, according to the announcement of Mr. Nouris's office, is to help Cyprus, which has recently recorded an increased number of arrivals from the country.

Signing an agreement with & nbsp; FRONTEX

Regarding the memorandum of cooperation signed with FRONTEX, the EU's external border management body, the announcement of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks of agreement on “strengthening the sector of returns of those whose asylum applications have been rejected, which is for the Ministry of Interior one of the most important goals in the effort to discharge the country from the excessively increased flows”.

It is noted that during the signing of the memorandum of cooperation, Mr. Nouris thanked the Executive Director of FRONTEX, Fabrice Lezeri, for the support of the organization in Cyprus, and announced the establishment of a return office in the Administration of the Ministry of Interior “with the aim the maximization of merit the assistance that FRONTEX will provide, in order to simplify and speed up the procedures, but also to shorten the times “


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