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Ministry of Health: Clarifies for rapid test and 8998!

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Ministry of Health: Clarifies for rapid test and 8998!

Continuing its efforts to further improve the epidemiological picture of Cyprus, and ensuring continuous surveillance in the community, the Ministry of Health focuses on regular antigenic testing of employees. The increased number of tests has been a central pillar of the Government from the beginning, as it reflects the epidemiological picture in real time, leading to the taking of measures and mainly to the planning of the plan for their de-escalation.

Aiming at the monitoring of the workplaces, and in order to achieve the smooth reopening of companies / professional sectors, in the period 1-7 February, 208,000 people were examined by the method of antigen rapid tests, ie ¼ of the population.

Based on the above and in accordance with the strategy of gradual and careful lifting of restrictive measures, the following are reminded:

1. Mandatory weekly rapid test for employees:
Through regular staff examinations, the effort is still to reduce the incidence of outbreaks in the workplace so that they operate safely.

Therefore, employers / heads of companies, as well as the Departments / Services of the public and wider public sector have a responsibility to coordinate as employees undergo a rapid test, in order to ensure the mandatory weekly rapid antigen test of staff as follows:

• Companies / services that employ up to 3 people, the audit should be done on all employees.
• Companies / services that employ from 4 to 10 people, the audit should be done on at least 4 employees.
• Companies / services that employ more than 11 people, the audit should be done on at least 4 people or 20% of employees, whichever is larger in number.

2. Weekly inspection with rapid test on athletes / employees in sports facilities:
In the margins of the gradual restart of the sports sector, a PCR or rapid test is initially required for all athletes over the age of 18 and those working in open / outdoor facilities.

Subsequently, the mandatory repeat examination on a weekly basis is provided for at least 50% of the employees and athletes of team sports from 18 years and over. Weekly PCR or rapid antigen testing for individual athletes is also recommended.

It is clarified that in order to go to the places designated by the Cyprus Sports Organization for individual training purposes, it is required to send an SMS with the selection of the number 6 by all athletes, regardless of age. For minors who do not have a mobile phone, a signed certificate must be provided by the parent / legal guardian for the transfer of the child to the sports / training area. For control purposes, parents / legal guardians may use Form B to transport the child to and from the individual training area, provided they provide proof of the date and time of the activity.

3. Send SMS for movement:
Exceptional movement is allowed twice a day by sending a text message to 8998 for the cases mentioned in Form B. Persons over the age of 65 may use Form B for their exceptional movement. There are nine (9) categories for exceptional travel by sending SMS.

Please note that SMS is not required from parents / legal guardians only in cases of transportation of minor children to and from school units (nurseries / kindergartens, kindergartens, Special Schools, Primary Schools and Lyceums / Technical Schools for seniors).

It is clarified that for the purposes of going to and from work for work purposes the employee must present Form A, signed by his employer.

4. Monitoring the implementation of measures:
For the purpose of monitoring both the health protocols, but also controlling the observance of the weekly test measure as mentioned in point 1 above, the controls are intensified by the Police, the Health Services of the Ministry of Health, as well as the competent Departments of the Ministries of Labor Agriculture, Trade and Home Affairs, depending on the companies and the sectors that fall under their responsibilities.

Finally, the Cyprus Sports Organization, the Cyprus Football Federation, as well as the other Federations under the CMO are responsible for the implementation of the health instructions and the observance of the measure for weekly examination in the field of sports.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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