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Ministry of Health-Parliament support for PASYKAF and citizens fighting cancer

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    What the President of the Parliament and the Minister of Health said, on the occasion of World Cancer Day

    The State and the House of Representatives stands by PASYKAF and every citizen of this state, who is fighting with cancerand needs support, hope and perspective, said on Sunday evening the President of the House, Annita Dimitriou.

    For his part, the Minister of Health, Michalis Damianos, assured that the Ministry will be next to PASYKAF and the EDEM Medical Center, since it recognizes the valuable work they offer to patients with cancer experience.

    The President of the Parliament and the Minister of Health were speaking at an event entitled “Embracing the Life', dedicated to patients with cancer experience, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, celebrated on February 4 and held at the EDEM Medical Center in Tersefanou.

    In her greeting Annita Dimitriou said that “on such a day today we could not be anywhere else but at such an initiative of PASYKAF, to embrace our fellow man and give messages of hope and life. Cancer is not invincible, it can be defeated, as long as we know where we should and how we should proactively act, to listen to stories and life lessons from these people who went through such trials and came out victorious”.

    In Cyprus, he continued, “with the cooperation of all relevant bodies, we are at a point that can be addressed through the appropriate infrastructure, but also through all the options available to the patient”. Furthermore, she noted that “this is also our state obligation precisely to give the hope they so much need”.

    Today, said the President of the Parliament, “we are here to give a message hope and life to those people who need it. We all had an incident (of cancer) in our family, which we had experienced or are experiencing,” he said and added that “it is a minimal obligation to emphasize the work that PASYKAF does and not only”.

    But also to these people, he said, “especially after the pandemic, we have realized that they are real heroes among us, doctors, nursing and paramedical staff, these people who do not know about holidays and weekends but are always there on the front line to serve the fellow man and we owe them a lot, a blessing and a thank you”.

    Annita Dimitriou also mentioned that “we as the House of Representatives and as individuals will always be by your sidefor the work you are doing” while he also congratulated the EDEM Medical Center, which, as he said, “is a choice where we needed this kind of infrastructure in Cyprus”. Of course, he added, “all this is expected to be institutionalized through a legislative framework, because we cannot equalize situations, but we must emphasize the quality care that is needed especially in such rehabilitation treatments”.

    We as a State, the President of the Parliament continued, “will always be by your side, with you and PASYKAF, with every citizen of this state who needs support, hope and perspective”.

    In his own greeting, the The Minister of Health, Michalis Damianos, pointed out, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, “the great importance of group support and support from every direction of the people who go through this difficult journey”.

    < p>Referring to the EDEM Medical Center, he said that “it offers a wide range of health services to people who have either suffered an injury or disability or have neurological, post-traumatic, respiratory and other types of problems, for the treatment of which care and support are needed. Among the services it offers, the Medical Center offers, with the support of PASYKAF, a palliative care service to the Association's patients,” he said.

    He added that “from 2022 the collaboration with the PASYKAF with the provision of 11 beds for free coverageof the needs of our fellow human beings with cancer experience. On the basis of this agreement, cancer patients can receive comprehensive inpatient, specialized, palliative and supportive care services”.

    The Ministry of Health, Mr. Damianos continued, “supports the collaboration between PASYKAF and the EDEM Medical Center for the operation of the palliative care center. At the same time, it actively supports the actions of PASYKAF, which has set as its sacred goal the improvement of the quality of life of people experiencing cancer through its main support programs”.

    In his greeting, the Minister also referred to the cooperation of the Ministry of Health with the EDEM Medical Center, which, as he said, “began at the beginning of the Covid pandemic to provide accommodation for people with coronavirus. Within the framework of this contract, a total of 4,647 people were accommodated and at the same time the Center, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, within the framework of a public contract, accommodated patients with post-covid symptoms”.

    Cyprus, Mr. Damianos continued, “It is the second country after Germany that provided free health services to patients who fell ill with coronavirus within the European Union. As far as rehabilitation services are concerned, these will be provided through the NHS from February 2023 with the main aim of reintegrating patients into society as soon as possible and comprehensive rehabilitation programs are offered, aimed at people with neurological, cardiac surgery and other health problems”.

    The Minister expressed his thanks to PASYKAF and the EDEM Medical Center “for the sensitivity they show to our fellow sufferers by contributing through the services provided to the improvement of their quality of life. The realization of our common goals can only be realized with total effort and cooperation”, he said and assured that the Ministry of Health stands by PASYKAF and the EDEM Medical Center, recognizing their valuable work.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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