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Missing Assias: Portuguese expert arrives in Cyprus – Will investigate Dikomou landfill

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Missing Assias: Portuguese expert arrives in Cyprus - Will investigate Dikomou landfill

Within days, the Portuguese expert is expected in Cyprus who will conduct a study for the garbage dump in the occupied Dikomo, where it is believed that the bones of about 70 Assians were moved.

The landfill has been landscaped and covered with soil. Pipes with underground tanks have been placed in the subsoil to remove methane.

The representative of the Greek Cypriot side in the CMP, Leonidas Pantelidis, stated to KYPE that the Portuguese, along with 2-3 other people, will remain in Cyprus for a period of 4 months to conduct a study that will show whether it is possible to make excavations, without any risk.

“He will be here with a team of scientists, 2-3 people will come with him and other scientists will be from Cyprus and this team will conduct a study to show how the pipes can be broken to make safe excavations. If there is accumulated gas then an accident may be caused, so we want to exclude all this so that there is not the slightest danger. “If the Portuguese tells us that the gas has not been captured and the landfill is inactive, then we will move on”, Mr. explained to KYPE. Pantelidis.

The study will cost 80,000 euros and if the green light is given to start excavations, then the scientist will return to oversee the excavation project which will take some time.

Mr. Pantelidis explained that additional funds should be secured for the excavations, which amount to several million euros. He also said that if the excavation is done, then a special workshop will be created only for that point so as not to disrupt the entire CMP program.

He said that the information about exactly where we will dig must be accurate and so in the four months that the study will last, the research for the excavation sites will mature.

Mr. Pantelidis also stated that the consent of the pseudo-state should be given for the excavations to begin and that so far the permission has been given for the study.

The missing Assiotes are believed to have been killed in Ornithi and then their bones were moved to Dikomo in the 1990s to an area where the garbage dump operated.

According to the available information, the bones of about 70 Assiotes seem to have been thrown into 3 pits on the edges of the garbage dump, which is now out of order and has been landscaped and covered with soil. Construction work and landscaping were carried out twice at the site, garbage was collected and intubation was done to remove the methane. Then it was covered with plastic and soil and the place today is a hill.


Source: politis.com.cy

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