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Mitsotakis set the red lines in Ankara

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Eθεσε τις κκιν ερμσοτσσγυ ρ&alpha?

A lot has already been written and said about the visit of the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the palace of the neo-sultan of Ankara. All the information so far shows that he strictly adhered to the Greek red lines. And how can he not abide by them when Tayyip Erdogan demands not only half of the Aegean, but also half of the Eastern Mediterranean… Regarding the issue of Cyprus, the diplomats I spoke with told me the same thing: that he raised the Cypriot exactly as the President of the Republic of Cyprus informed him.

He accurately conveyed the messages of Nikos Christodoulidis to Tayyip Erdogan and the present former chief spy Hakan Fidan and spoke – both inside and outside – of the meeting for a solution within the framework of International Law, which of course the occupying power has been violating for almost 50 years .

What was the answer? Not given yet. I doubt it will ever be given. Turkey's decisions have been made and its only goal is the partition of Cyprus through the unacceptable proposal to create two states. I know that there are devotees of the partition both in Nicosia and in Athens.

The occupying force has already led to failure the effort of the United Nations Organization (UN) to restart the dialogue, a mission undertaken by the former minister of Colombia, Maria Ángela Holguin Cuejar. Opinions differ on how she will convey her “Cypriot adventure” in the report she will deliver to the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

The actors involved in the Cyprus conflict find it difficult to analyze it. I have personally heard from serious sources that they believe that Ms. Holguin Quellard is a decent person, a fair diplomat, although this will be seen in practice. It can surprise us negatively, but also positively.

The worst thing will be an announcement from her to the inept G.G. of the UN, that it is terminating its mission. In this case everything will collapse.

In Athens they tell me that Mr. Mitsotakis' supportive statement towards the UN initiative, and indeed from the “mouth of the wolf”, Ankara, was directed to New York. The Greek Prime Minister sent the message that in front of the Turkish refusal, Athens and Nicosia are ready to sit at the table.

According to an official information to the writer, Mr. Mitsotakis has underlined on two occasions to Erdogan that his desire, which is real and sincere, for the improvement of Greek-Turkish relations, it will fail if the Cyprus issue is not resolved fairly. It was pointed out to me that all these rumors about Athens abandoning Cyprus are not true. How could this happen?

Greece still remains a guarantor country and the most important thing is this: how will the guilt of the betrayal of 1974 be “washed away”? With a new abandonment? I know that the nationalists, who see “traitors” in their sleep and in their wake, will react, but that will never happen. Greece will continue this course of improving relations, knowing that it cannot seriously discuss with the Turks their unacceptable claims to the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. These things do not happen, unless the Greek political leadership has decided to do harakiri.

We live in a democracy, we hear and read exaggerations every day. Internet freedom gives anyone the right to claim it's theirs. It does not mean that his claims are correct. It is what the word says: Assertions. But how can anyone falsely claim that there is even one politician in Greece who will sign the violation of Greek sovereignty or co-sign the handover of Cyprus to Turkey. This miserable act was started by the traitors of the Athens Junta, in the black July of 1974. Will the politicians complete it? The people responded to them in April 2004, and will level them if they dare to do so again. One does not need to be a Calcha seer to predict this. We now live in strange times, where Greek speakers applaud the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the independence of Kosovo, without the fools understanding that they are insulting the national policy for Cyprus and Thrace.

I am especially troubled by the attitude of Greek-speaking politicians, because in most cases the voters are influenced by them. The “Russian oppressors” accuse others of being paid by Germany and America, but when they are told that you “get them” from the Russian embassy, ​​they don't like it. In a little while, I'm afraid, we will be looking with the lantern of Diogenes for those who really serve the strategic interests of Greece…


The far-right ELAM's proposal for immigration is not only dangerous but also ANTI-NATIONAL. And it's supposed to come from people who claim to be patriots. Although they should have known that the word patriotism has a different meaning and the word nationalism has a different meaning. They have absolutely NO relation to each other. ELAM must publicly apologize for this unacceptable suggestion, give Cypriot passports, therefore EU passports to immigrants, and its followers must be concerned. On the other hand, I have to admit that people who leave their parties and (unfortunately) flock to the extreme right, feel betrayed by their factions, and by the corrupt political system in general. All political forces supposedly complain about corruption, although the vast majority have put their finger on the …honey. Unfortunately, I repeat, the disappointed prefer ELAM, because they can't find anywhere else to go. In the cases of these people, whom I understand and feel their frustration, it would be better to throw white than to vote for the far right. It is a certain solution, as Kafavis also said. Regarding AKEL's proposal. I'm sorry, but his DISY partners are right. He is naive…


It is imperative to return to the issue of the invitation to the Archbishop of America to visit Cyprus on the days when the Megalonis will honor its dead, victims of the cowardly and barbaric invasion of the Turkish Attila. His coming to Cyprus will be a huge challenge, and even after the invitation of the President of the Republic and the Archbishop of Cyprus. In the past days, the activists of the Hellenic American Community have carried out important actions against the occupying Turkey. The Holy Archdiocese of America and the organizations it controls were absent. Why; Because the actions of the activists concerned Turkey. Let Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis and Mr. Georgios think about it carefully, before extending any invitation… Finally, the Cypriot government must demand that expatriates around the world, especially in America, organize rocking events for the 50th anniversary anniversary of Attila's barbaric invasion of Cyprus. Those who refuse must go to the center! To end with the …saviors!

Source: www.philenews.com

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