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“Model of Crete” for the S-400

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Turkey appears ready to discuss the storage of S-400 missile systems, in an effort to win the sympathy of the Americans. Turkey appears ready to copy a model previously used by the United States against Cyprus.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar proposed the “Crete model” as he described the storage of S-300 missile systems so that they would not be installed in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, which had bought them from Russia. “We told the US that we are ready to discuss the same model that is applied with the S-300 in Crete. It does not mean that we will continue to use these systems. “They will only be used in the event of a threat and that is up to us to decide,” he said.


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Hulusi Akar's position comes at a time when:

1. The change of government in the United States has so far not shown that Washington will restore the good old days in US-Turkish relations. The Turks' hopes that the return of the Democrats to power would have an impact on relations between the two countries, as they did under the Obama administration, seem to be fading – at least at this stage. The first statements by the Americans sent anything but positive messages to the Turkish side.

2. The approach of the Americans, but also the developments in the Gulf region, brought about changes in Turkey's relations with the European Union, with Ankara bringing back to the fore a pro-European agenda hoping that it will lead the Europeans to accept what it demands. Ankara is investing heavily in its relations with the EU at the next European Council to be held on 25 and 26 March 2021. And in the run-up to the Summit, Ankara has begun to send multiple messages to various European capitals.

However, with regard to the S-400 systems, which are widely considered to be the scandal in US-Turkish relations, it should be noted that the storage of the missiles was a proposal put forward by the Americans a year ago. Aiming to persuade Turkish officials to avoid activating the missiles. However, Ankara then rejected the behind-the-scenes urgings of the Americans and is now returning, projecting as its own proposal the storage of the missiles, according to the one that took place in Crete. However, retaining the right to use them in case she deems that she is threatened by her own decision.

Fahrettin Altun, the Turkish president's communications adviser, in a statement to Hurriyet (source of the GTP) referred to new steps that are expected to be taken by both Turkey and the European Union to improve their relations and set a positive agenda.

“Significant time may have been lost due to the two-pronged and two-pronged policies implemented by some countries within the EU, but Turkey, for its part, has been working tirelessly to meet the 'Ankara criteria'. At the moment, as a result of the leadership diplomacy exercised by our President personally, we are talking about a new period in our relations with the EU. In addition, we have the various contacts of our Foreign Minister. In the coming days, the dialogue with the EU will intensify even more. We, as Turkey, have never avoided doing what is our duty and we will not do it. Turkey-EU relations are of strategic importance, as long as they are not trapped in the interests of other countries. The EU needs to realize this reality and take a more constructive approach. At the same time, we expect the EU to fulfill its promises, “he said.

Asked to comment on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks about a new era in Turkey and a period of reforms in the country, including the need for a new constitution, Altun said that a special feature of Turkish President Erdogan is that he wants reform. to make changes.

Finally, Altun stated that “in this context, our President has begun preparations for legal and economic reforms. The technical work has progressed to a specific stage. In a short time, our President will personally announce the reforms to the public. “These reforms concern fundamental rights and freedoms, while at the same time a new basis is expected to be built to strengthen the climate of confidence in the economy.”

He wants a meeting before June

According to Aksam, a source close to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a teleconference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to a statement issued by the Turkish President's Communications Directorate, Erdoάνan and Merkel discussed issues related to the development of co-operation between the two countries, as well as Turkey-EU relations and other regional issues.

Erdogan said Turkey is determined to advance its relations with the EU on the basis of a positive agenda, and expressed the desire to continue technical work and intensify contacts with European officials ahead of the March summit.

Stressing that a fair and constructive EU approach to Turkey would benefit both sides, he reiterated their expectation that a Turkey-EU summit would be held before the end of Portugal's EU presidency.

Akar absurdities against Greece

“Greek officials have made 78 visits to the islands in front of us, next to us. These are challenges. “Since you are talking about friendship, then demilitarize the islands,” said Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, calling the visits of Greek officials to the Greek islands “provocative.”

In a television interview, the Turkish Foreign Minister also stated that “the Greeks have militarized 16 of the 23 islands that should be in demilitarization, despite the conditions in Lausanne and Paris. I asked the German Minister of Defense, who has expansionist aspirations? “There is no other country in the world that has 6 miles of territorial waters and 10 miles of airspace.”

Hulusi Akar claimed that “a Greek minister told a German minister that 'three times we have reached the brink of war with Turkey'. They dream. “We have no thoughts or plans,” said Hulusi Akar.

For the new US President Joe Biden, Hulusi Akar said that he should be realistic. “We expect them to act in accordance with the law, the agreements and a realistic policy,” he said, adding that the latest statement by US Ambassador to Ankara David Sutherfield was “an unfortunate and unfounded statement.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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