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MOE and Euro-Turkish on the Nicosia agenda

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Nicosia is trying to move in two directions at this stage, wanting to “test” the occupied Turkey: In the package of the MOE, which it submitted, in parallel with the so-called positive agenda of Turkey and the EU. This is a process – in relation to the Euro-Turkish ones – that will take time and everyone involved knows that, but what is taken for granted is that Turkey has to benefit. & Nbsp;

Nicosia's approach is that only with Ankara can a game be played regarding the MOE and it seems that attempts are being made through the channels of Brussels, to enter into the discussion and the issue of upgrading the customs union. What is set by the Republic of Cyprus is to implement as a first step the implementation of the “Ankara Protocol”. To open Turkish ports and airports on Cypriot ships and planes, a step that “will allow Nicosia” to become more flexible on the subject of the EU-Turkey dialogue and to start the discussion on the Customs Union.

< p>The focus of Nicosia is on Famagusta. The goal, as stated, is to prevent movements and accomplishments, which will be “no return”. Ankara's move to Famagusta neutralizes any territorial dispute. The Cypriot Government considers that although there is no optimism, its initiative aims at the resumption of negotiations. A goal that is very far away today. b> In the MOE insists PtD He wants MOE of good neighborhood and rejects the gesture of PtD

The occupying power does not intend to discuss the return of the enclosed area before the full solution, when and when it arises. It tries to complicate any discussions with accomplished ones, which are imposed slowly and steadily, measuring the reactions as well. According to information, in this context, Ankara is trying to find investors for the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta, while approaching foreign and Greek Cypriot owners. This is done to give the actions of & nbsp; “epiphany of legitimacy”. It is obvious that occupying Turkey wants to develop the region as, among other things, it wants income (not to have only expenses in such awful times!). That is why the issue of settlement is proceeding normally, but without “noise”. & Nbsp;

Can Turkish enforcement actions in Famagusta stop? The task is difficult as Ankara has no cost, so it continues. No matter what the President said to the Board of Governors last Thursday that the policy of sanctions has not been abandoned, this does not seem to be the case. As this was announced from Nicosia to Brussels and in fact in a solemn way! It is clear that apart from the issue of Famagusta, there is also that of the airport of Tympos, for which there is concern (not from the Government that proposes it) that if it works “it will be a substitute for the solution”. It will largely be the solution by upgrading – even recognizing – the occupation regime. & Nbsp;

It is obvious that Nicosia, knowing the fate of the MOE, without giving up, is trying through Brussels, to open a debate, which wants both its European partners and Ankara, as it will have significant benefits. That of the Customs Union. The Republic of Cyprus claims that Ankara will be tested and if it does not cooperate, it will be exposed. The question is whether Turkey is interested in being exposed. She is interested in the money from the Customs Union, but the question is whether she is ready to pay in return. & Nbsp;

The presence of the British envoy

At the same time, despite the war in Ukraine and the prolonged stagnation in the Cyprus issue, the Foreign Office is trying to maintain mobility by investing in old formulas. Formulas that, under certain conditions, as stated & nbsp; by the British side, can “walk”. The descent of the & nbsp; envoy of the British Foreign Secretary, responsible for the Cyprus issue, Ajay Sharma last week for contacts, first reminded that every three months the British Foreign Office official has in his schedule to visit Cyprus for meetings. And how the Cyprus issue remains in the sphere of influence of London, which has the patent of its management. & Nbsp;

In his contacts, Sharma reiterated the British proposal for an exchange of letters from President Anastasiadis and the occupation leader, Ersin Tatar, in which they would describe their positions but also show intentions to satisfy the other side's concerns. The Turkish side had rejected this proposal, which was connected with two more steps: To issue a joint statement, in the standards of that of February 2014 (Anastasiadis-Eroglou), however, taking into account the new data (?). If so, the next step would be to invite the Secretary-General to those involved for talks. & Nbsp;

During his meeting with the British official, the President of the Republic did not rule out the possibility of sending the letter to Tatar, in which he will describe the package of Confidence Building Measures proposed by Nicosia. London considers that in this letter the President should clarify the status of the Turkish Cypriots after the solution. It is noted that in the informal Pentamer in Geneva, last April, Mr. Anastasiadis had mentioned to the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, that this issue can be described when we are a breath away from reaching an agreement. There should be a lot of agreement. It is recalled that in previous shootings, Ajay Sharma presented a formula according to which “the & nbsp; two communities which today as Community sovereign states (Community States) will establish the Republic of Cyprus, in the same way that was established and the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, ie from the two communities “.

For Mr. Ajay Sharma, Anastasiadis's letter to Tatar, with “the right content”, will be the trigger for a new effort to proceed on the Cyprus issue. In the letter, he explained to his Greek Cypriot interlocutors, he will be able to go to Ankara to have something specific and start talks. & Nbsp;

Nicosia raised the issue of the appointment of a special envoy from the United Nations to the British, asked the MOE to present itself in Turkey in order not to be rejected in advance and finally to make an effort to have “common ground”. In view of the fact that the MOE package is described almost by telegram, the British diplomat has asked for clarifications, mainly regarding the implementation of some proposed measures. & Nbsp;

It is clear that diplomatic efforts are not progressing. The Foreign Office chooses to maintain, through their presence, a form of mobility. Nicosia, which has run out of ideas and endurance, will try to set and develop its positions in the informal European Council, which is scheduled for March 24, but without discounting the result. Especially if the focus is on Ukraine because of – possibly an ongoing war – and Turkey does not respond. & Nbsp; The role of the “smart neutral” that Ankara is playing in the Ukraine war seems to be viewed positively by both Russia, the invading country, and the West, which is furious with President Putin. Turkish drones are used by the Ukrainian army against the Russians (there are videos) & nbsp; while the game with the Straits has facilitated – as long as it took – Moscow. The Turks referred to “exercises” of the Russian navy. The closure of the Straits has no real effect and does not affect Russia.

It is obvious that Erdogan is looking for a role by giving credentials of great power. It is clear that the role of the “smart neutral” will be a vehicle for advancing its review strategy. & Nbsp;

Source: www.philenews.com

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