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Moments …Casino in the new TV spot of Alphamega Supermarkets

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Στιγμéς …Casino στο νé&omicron ; τηλεοπτικσποτ των Υπεραγορ оν Αλφαμеγα

Spring has arrived for good and Alfamega Hypermarkets welcome it with the new, colorful, joyful TV spot for the products of the Casino company. A sequence of food options floods the screen, presenting the viewer with the favorite, fine products of the French giant, which are available in the Cypriot market exclusively from Alfamega Hypermarkets.

This is a wide range of foods that fully satisfy the different needs of the modern consumer. From cereal bars, quick meals, snacks, nuts, frozen fruits, vegetables and fish, to specialized organic, veggie and gluten free products, the options offered by the Casino company have been embraced by the Cypriot consumer public, both for quality and their low prices.

And of course, let's not forget our beloved four-legged companions, since the Casino range also includes food and pet care products. The wide variety of drinks from the Club de Sommelier range also stands out.

The new TV spot presents the large – over 1000 codes – range of Casino products, while at the same time it transports the viewer to the simple, everyday moments of people of various ages, with different consumer preferences and needs, who choose the specific brand every day to give a taste, quality and ease in their lives. The slogan recalls what customers of Alfamega Hypermarkets already know well: Casino products “you choose them for the price, you love them for the quality”!

The French casino giant that recently completed two years of exclusive cooperation with Alfamega Hypermarkets for the Cypriot market, it is one of the largest retail companies worldwide, with more than 10 thousand stores internationally. It is therefore no coincidence that millions  consumers all over the world choose these products, considering them a guarantee of quality daily nutrition as well as saving money.

Whatever your needs, the Casino offers you consistent options that will become favorite daily habits. Look for them yourself exclusively on the shelves of Alfamega Supermarkets!

Source: www.philenews.com

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