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Monuments in free Famagusta were visited by the Deputy Minister of Culture

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The Deputy Minister of Culture, Vasiliki Kassianidou, visited the province of Famagusta, as part of a series of visits she is making to museums and monuments, with the aim of addressing conservation problems of the church monuments of Cyprus, as well as promoting new cultural routes in the region.

In a statement, the Deputy Ministry of Culture states that “following the invitation of the Metropolitan of Constantia – Famagusta, Vasilios, a visit was made to the Medieval Monastery of Agia Napa, with the aim of monitoring the maintenance work, as well as the developments regarding the conversion of the Monastery of Agia Napa into museum space”.

It is noted that “the Deputy Minister was informed in the presence of the Mayor of Ayia Napa, Christos Zannettos, that the Municipality of Ayia Napa, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities, will implement the last phase of the works at the Monastery with the aim of completing the project within a few months”.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that “important frescoes are preserved in this unique monument, the preservation of which is undertaken by the Department of Antiquities in cooperation with the Holy Metropolis of Constantia-Ammochostos. As part of the work, archaeological remains have also been identified, which will be highlighted through a museological study that will be carried out in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities”, it states.

In a meeting that followed with the Mayor of Ayia Napa at the City Hall, issues of “highlighting the cultural wealth of the region, including monuments or places of archaeological interest that have recently come to light following research or rescue excavations, were discussed. The aim is to create cultural routes, in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, both to highlight the monuments and places of the region, as well as the cultural landscape”.

Then, the Deputy Minister of Culture met with the Mayor of the Frenaros Community Council, Michalis Hatziyorkas and members of the Council. Issues of highlighting the community, issues of supporting actions through the sponsorship programs offered by the Department of Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry and the importance of highlighting the monuments of the region were discussed.

The Deputy Minister visited “two more ecclesiastical monuments that are implemented in the framework of the preservation and promotion of the monuments by the Department of Antiquities. In particular, he visited the Church of Agia Marina Frenarou, a Plate B Ancient Monument, dating back to the 15th-16th centuries, which is not yet accessible to the public, as it presents static problems caused by recent earthquakes.

< p data-block-key="f8j0d">“With the aim of restoring the monument, a relevant study was carried out, on which the restoration of the said monument will be based. The Deputy Minister, in the presence of the competent officials of the Department of Antiquities and the Community Council, assured that with the completion of the excavations that highlighted the history of the monument, to take immediate actions with the aim of implementing the required works as soon as possible”, the announcement states.

He then visited “the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Sotira Famagusta, which preserves frescoes from the 13th century, which had deteriorated to a great extent due to the humidity in the building. The Department of Antiquities undertook the restoration and maintenance of the frescoes and the goal is to complete the related cleanings within 2024.”

The Deputy Minister pointed out “the need to take immediate measures regarding the protection of monuments in relation to weather conditions and climate change, as the changing weather conditions and extreme phenomena observed in recent years cause damage to monuments in a more intense way. By covering 50% of the costs for the maintenance of church monuments, the state strengthens the work of communities and the Church. The aim, he continued, is to strengthen as much as possible the efforts to preserve our cultural heritage”.

Finally, the Deputy Minister visited “the Hatzigiorki Mills Museum, a local museum that aims to highlight and promote the Cypriot agricultural heritage. He congratulated the company for the initiative to create the said museum, conducting educational programs that attract a large number of schools, as well as the excellent cooperation of the museum with the Ministry of Tourism under the Heartland of Legends.

The Deputy Minister, after being guided around the Museum premises, pointed out “the role played by local museums in the promotion of our cultural heritage and the actions promoted by the Deputy Ministry for upgrading and updating the various support plans offered to these bodies”.

"The effort is to strengthen local museums either through the promotion of tax incentives to support these cultural institutions, either through covering their operating or other expenses with the aim of achieving their goals”, it states.

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