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More fuel sales this year

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They saw an increase of 9.7% in July 2023 compared to last year

Περισσoτερες φετος οι πω&lambda orσεις καυσiμων

Sales from petrol stations showed an increase of 8.6% to 56,316 tons, and 2.3% at seven-month level.

A significant increase of 9.7% was recorded in July 2023, the total sales of petroleum products, compared to July 2022, mainly due to the increase in the sales of fuel oil, while in the first seven months, the total sales of petroleum products recorded a decrease of 0.5 %, compared to the corresponding period last year.

At the same time, the total stocks of petroleum products at the end of July 2023 increased by 15.2% compared to the end of the previous month.

Specifically, according to the Statistical Service, the total sales of petroleum products reached in July 2023 128,527 tonnes, compared to 117,170 tonnes in July 2022.

Increase was recorded in aircraft oil supplies (16.2%), as well as light and heavy fuel oil sales (55.6% and 33 .6% respectively), asphalt (20.0%), gasoline (8.9%) and diesel (5.4%).

On the contrary, there was a decrease in the supplies of oil to ships (-47.7%), as well as in the sales of kerosene (-35.4%).

As for sales from petrol stations in particular, they showed an increase of of 8.6% to 56,316 tons, according to the Statistical Service. In the seven months (January – July) of 2023 they marked an increase of 2.3% compared to the corresponding seven months last year.

On a monthly basis, the total sales of petroleum products in the month of July 2023 compared to June 2023 fell 3.2%. Indicatively, oil supplies to ships decreased (-47.2%), as well as diesel (-8.7%) and gasoline (-1.8%) sales, while oil supplies to airplanes increased (15.0%) ).

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