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More teleworking in the public sector with a new decree

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More teleworking in the public sector with a new decree

New arrangements for teleworking in the public sector include the decree issued yesterday by the Minister of Health, correcting the distortions that seem to have been caused last Monday, which resulted in even civil servants working remotely returning to their offices after the new lockdown .

The decree, as it results from relevant announcements of PASYDY and the correspondence of the secretary general. of the guild Strati Mattheou with the g.d. of the Ministry of Finance George Pantelis, includes a series of suggestions of the organization to address the problems caused. As characteristically stated by the secretary general of PASYDY in its letters the previous decree, the problem, the contradictions and the confusion caused, arose because the various government departments / services / directorates that make up the Public Service “have almost all been declared as essential services, resulting in the natural presence of a large number of workers in their workplaces, with all the adverse consequences for the health of both themselves and the general population “.

In his letter, Mr. Matthew recorded a series of problems that have existed since Monday, due to the above reference to the decree and asked for clarifications. Regarding the problems, however, there was communication between the two sides, with the result that Mr. Mattheou sent relevant suggestions to the secretary general. of YPOIK to deal with the situation, with several of them being recorded in the new decree issued yesterday which PASYDY had announced to its members a little earlier.

Teleworking in the essentials

The new decree clarifies that “the state and the wider public sector work remotely and with the physical presence of the necessary staff at work, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the service and the service of citizens to meet emergencies”, without essential services are excluded from teleworking, as in the previous decree. It is further clarified that for the essential services, as defined in the decree, “the competent authority shall make the necessary arrangements in order to ensure, as far as possible, the physical presence at work for the proper functioning of the service and the state”.

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In addition, the new decree allows public sector employees who are responsible for caring for children up to the age of 15 or children with disabilities regardless of age, in addition to the request for distance work and the right, if they do not wish to telework, apply for a special permit for public health reasons. For this period, as specified, these beneficiaries will be reimbursed at a rate of 60% of their earnings. The essential services defined by the decree do not differ from the previous one. The only difference we recorded is the removal of the Local Government Authorities from the list of essential services and the addition of the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority as a separate service.

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