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More than 1,750 applications for the “Photovoltaic for all” project – “Everyone will be satisfied”

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Ξεπερασαν τι&sigma ; 1,750 οι αιτorσεις για το σχèδιο «Φωτο βολτακγια ιηθοyν oλοι»

There were more than 1,750 applications for the “Photovoltaics for All” project, which started on March 1, with the Government stressing that there is enough for 2,000 applications, in a pilot phase, while the overall design is for 6,000 photovoltaic systems.

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As the Minister of Energy, Giorgos Papanastasiou, said on state radio, “so far we have exceeded 1,750 applications, which are only for photovoltaics. There is a lot of demand and I want to confirm to the world that what is needed in additional systems and capital will be provided by the renewable energy fund to serve all citizens for this category.”

He explained that this is a project of an ambitious category, which started many months before. “The effort was aimed at giving the consumer some solution for the accuracy of electricity, as a first measure and in the short term. The announcement was made in October, we indicated that February 2024 would be the month of its implementation. Since then many efforts had been made, a budget had to be indicated and we indicated 30 million euros for 6,000 photovoltaic systems, legislative arrangements had to be made to pay off the system in monthly installments and regulatory decisions had to be made by CERA”.

Mr. Papanastasiou pointed out that the previous night, before the launch of the project, “the digital platform had presented instabilities, because we did various tests and the server that supported this digital platform had to be changed. The teams worked all night to implement what we had promised to the citizen and that was done”.

Regarding the number of applications received by the Ministry of Energy, Mr. Papanastasiou indicated that “we started as a pilot with 2,000 photovoltaic systems. The reason the number is low is because we wanted to see that indeed the digital platform is stable to the needs that would be there and so far, the platform is being monitored by the Ministry team and the private company that prepared it, so that we can be sure that it is working normally . We are waiting when the first 2,000 systems will be completed, with completed applications that is, because so far there are also unfilled applications and we will serve all citizens who are interested”.

The Minister of Transport he was optimistic that the applications will exceed the pilot number that has been set, while he argued that everyone will be served.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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