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More than 2 million euros will cost the Multipurpose Center of Dromolaxia – Meneu

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The tender for the construction works of the Center took place on July 31

Ανω των 2 εκατ. ευρo θα κοστ Ισει το Πολυδyναμο ΚΕντρο Δρομολ αξιaς – Μενεοy

The construction of the Multipurpose Center of the Municipality of Dromolaxia – Meneo is estimated to cost over two million euros. The tender for the construction works of the Center was held on July 31.

A written announcement by the Municipality of Dromolaxia – Meneo states that “those interested have a deadline to submit bids until October 6, 2023 and the estimated cost is set at 1.8 million euros plus VAT. The project will be financed by a European fund”.

It is “the largest infrastructure project implemented by the municipal authority, since in addition to the building, the plans foresee the configuration of the exterior spaces, as well as the creation of a parking space. As far as the building installation is concerned, it will consist of a reception area that will also function as an exhibition space, a multi-use room for events, lectures and seminars, as well as workshops for various training courses, a cafeteria, sanitary facilities and other auxiliary spaces” .

According to the announcement, “it is also planned to carry out external work for the construction of floors, retaining walls, stairs, access ramps and the required fencing. The contract also includes landscaping, tree planting and installation of urban equipment”.

It is noted that “the Multipurpose Center will be erected on a plot of land located next to the Meneo Primary School, opposite the Holy Church of Agios Panteleimon. It is estimated that the works will start around the beginning of the new year. The Center is a project that is expected to offer alternative ways of healthy employment for the residents of the Municipality of Dromolaxia – Meneo, especially the youth”.

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