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More than 400 Greek Cypriots have been referred to the “real estate committee”, says Tatar

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The solution of institutional cooperation of two equal sovereign states, based on the realities in Cyprus and for the benefit of the region, is the only solution and this is a new policy, “correct, a dignified policy that gives us security, confidence,” Ersin said. Tatar.

The Turkish Cypriot leader gave an interview to the Turkish Cypriot “news agency” for the one year after his election to the “presidency” of the pseudo-state and referred extensively to the Cyprus issue and developments in the region.


Mr. Tatar claimed that the main reason for not resolving the Cyprus issue is the mentality of the Greek side that sees Cyprus as a Greek island and considers that the Turkish Cypriots have no place on the island, saying that since the first British Governor in Cyprus , the Greek Cypriots had a request to the Union and “this is how the Cyprus issue began”.

Ersin Tatar claimed that the Greek Cypriot side is the one that “energizes every time” the negotiating table in the half-century-old negotiations and continues the effort to turn Cyprus into a “Greek island”.

According to the Greek Cypriots, he added, the Turkish Cypriots are a minority and cannot take part in the administration. “It is definitely not possible for us to accept that,” he said.

Reiterating his position that a federal solution is not possible, Ersin Tatar said that he was elected with the political position for a solution of two equal sovereign states, a position that, as he said, is supported by the largest and strongest country in the region, which is Turkey. .

For the first time in the informal pentagon of Geneva, said Mr. Tatar, the Turkish side put on the table with the proposal of 6 points, the position for a solution based on institutional cooperation and the existence of two equal, independent and sovereign states.

The 6-point proposal, he continued, aims to take the initiative of the UN Secretary General and pass a new resolution by the UN that will ensure that the Turkish Cypriots have equal international status and sovereignty with the Greek Cypriots and then what kind of institutional co-operation can be established between the two sides, and formal negotiations will start which will be supported by Turkey, Greece and Britain and the EU can participate as an observer.

“If the two countries reach an agreement in any context, they will recognize each other at the same time, Turkey, Greece and England will support it. “Any agreement reached will go to simultaneous referendums,” he said.

The Greek Cypriot side, he said, was uncompromising and negative about this proposal, as always, and is trying to impose one state – a sovereignty in order to turn the Turkish Cypriots into a minority in the KD.

The secretary general, he said, did not announce the start of formal negotiations as there is no common ground.

Regarding the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Mr. Tatar said that the geopolitical situation has turned into a struggle for hydrocarbon resources in the region. “The main reason is the efforts of various actors and world powers to dominate the eastern Mediterranean, with the liquidation of the TRNC, which is the backbone of Turkish sovereignty in the region, and the removal of the motherland of Turkey from the Eastern Mediterranean,” he said.

He also spoke of tension due to the negative attitude of the “Greek / Greek duo” who are equipped. “Let no one expect us to be spectators,” he said. Pseudo-state and Turkey, he added, will continue to fight in every way to protect their rights, interests and strategic benefits and to defend the “Blue Homeland”, which includes our rights in the air, sea and land. .

“400 applications for declassified area in Varosi”

The initiative for Varosi, said Mr. Tatar, was one of the critical turning points in the Cyprus issue, saying that the first phase took place with the opening of public areas on October 8, 2020 and the second on July 20, 2021 with the declassification by military zone of an area with an area of 3.5%. “Landlords are given the opportunity to take back their properties by applying to the real estate commission, in accordance with international law and human rights. “And this is a turning point,” he said.

Mr. Tatar said that to date more than 400 C / Cs have contacted the “real estate committee” arguing that the C / C leadership uses every means and method to block these requests and does not hesitate to threaten the citizens themselves. of.

He also stated that close to 40 people have appealed to the “real estate committee” for the area that came out of the military regime (3.5%) and if there was no, he added, pressure from the Greek Cypriots, this number will was elevated.

Technical Committees

Mr. Tatar said that the Technical Committees are a means to create a climate of trust, for cooperation and an agreement between the parties, but also for the improvement of the daily life of the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. In this direction, he said, he has empowered and guided those involved.

He noted that his special representative and the e / k negotiator as coordinators of the Technical Committees since last year have one meeting a week on these issues. He also noted the cooperation for the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that the cooperation will continue on the basis of mutual profit (win win) and there will be a contribution to all 12 Committees.


Source: politis.com.cy

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