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Movement also from Themis for first home borrowers

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The company invites borrowers to come as soon as possible to arrange a meeting

Κiνηση και απo Themis για δανει&omicron λorπτες πρoτης κατοικiας


According to an announcement, for Borrowers/mortgage debtors who will send a written proposal to settle their obligations by 30/09/2023, Themis undertakes to examine the application and give a written answer within 30 days. Additionally, during the examination of the proposal, any planned divestment will be frozen.

As part of the continuous effort to improve the communication channels and help to find consensual solutions, Themis invites the borrowers to come as soon as possible to arrange a meeting and the company is committed to arrange the meeting within 15 days.

Also. , Themis gives the opportunity to its borrowers/mortgagors to refer to independent accounting firms, to confirm the balances of their debts as well as to calculate their interest rates, bearing the relevant costs itself. With this action, it provides transparency and an additional assurance for the correctness of the relevant calculations.

It is noted that the result of the calculations will be binding on Themis.

Borrowers/mortgagors who choose to take due action before or upon receipt of the Type I or Type I notice will benefit from a fast and transparent process without having to deal with the unnecessary and time-consuming delays of the court system.

This commitment underscores the company's dedication to responsible lending practices and acts as a benchmark for the industry. Therefore, Themis looks forward to working closely with borrowers/mortgagors, independent accounting firms and other interested parties.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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