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Movements of “delimitation” of a pseudo-state

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Costas Venizelos

Occupied Turkey's moves in the dead zone, the actions carried out in the enclosed occupied area of Famagusta, the involvement of EVKAF in the property, are pieces of the puzzle, part of Turkish planning aimed at preparing and enforcing the two-state solution on the island.

None of the movements, the incidents in the dead zone, are accidental, occasional, isolated, as informed sources inform, they are a systematic effort that has been included in the wider Turkish plan. The episodes / movements in the dead zone do not occur only in the area of Denia but in many of its locations. It is clear that what the Turks are doing is an attempt to “delimit” the Turkish Cypriot independent “state” in view of possible developments or even negotiation and in general procedural immobility, which will allow the occupying power to impose new accomplishments and consolidate them.

The movements of the occupying force in Denia, in the area of the cemeteries inside the dead zone in Agios Dometios, near Ledra Palace, Paphos Gate, Ledras Street, up to Strovilia, are clear and are actions with a specific goal. It is clear that they are moving to occupy land within the dead zone. In Strovilia, for example, they have set up their outpost in front of the settlement where the Greek Cypriots live, with the aim of forcing them to leave and at the same time pressuring the United Nations to leave the area. Do not even staff their outpost.

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At the Paphos Gate, in Nicosia, where the old (abandoned) cafe “Spitfair” is located, the Turkish forces, although it is an unhooked area, have advanced. They have occupied the building, even its facade, which “sees” the free areas and was considered part of them. The English cemetery, located in the dead zone in Agios Dometios, is being completely controlled by the occupying army, demanding that whoever goes to it have their own permission. It is noted in this regard that the area had previously been visited by Ozersay, when he was serving the occupying regime, as the so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs. Actions are also taken in the area of Pyla, while finally claiming the stadium of “Cetin Kaya”, in Nicosia.

It is, therefore, clear that the occupying power is redefining the “borders” of the pseudo-state, occupying, where the tolerance of the UN and our Government allows it, parts of the dead zone. In order to do this, it expels farmers, who operate within a supposedly “disputed” area, while at the same time it will start the pressure to leave it to citizens, who live or work there. It is obvious that, just as he methodically proceeded to ethnic cleansing by expelling Greek Cypriots from the occupied territories, immediately after the invasion, so now he wants to “cleanse” by Turkifying parts of the dead zone, which they claim as parts of the occupied territories.

It is noted that the dead zone, which is not an occupied area, but the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, was assigned to the United Nations for control, in order to prevent a recurrence of hostilities between the opposing forces. In this area, therefore, the vast majority of property – almost 98% – belongs to the Greek Cypriots.

It is obvious that Turkey is moving forward with actions that will support its policy for two states on the island. It is also obvious that in this context it defines its “own” areas. Apart from the dead zone, these aspirations also concern the enclosed area of Famagusta. The occupying power wants to “clean up” with the properties in this area and in one way or another to come under its own “jurisdiction”. In this context, it has recently made EVKAF an interested party in Greek Cypriot appeals to the so-called Real Estate Commission, which has been set up by Turkey to investigate these cases.

It is clear, then, what the Turkish side is doing and seeking. It seeks to occupy part of the dead zone and to “lock” the “borders” of the pseudo-state. These are new promotions of the occupying army, which are made undisturbed and with lukewarm reactions. From the side of the Republic of Cyprus, the issue is being closely monitored, but it seems that the margins for reaction are limited. On the part of the United Nations, as reported on the occasion of the recent incident in Denia, the International Organization is monitoring “closely” and will include the event in the report of the Secretary-General on UNFICYP to the Security Council.

It is expected that the reactions of this form will leave indifferent the occupying power, which will proceed, as it seems, undisturbed in the implementation of its plans. Ankara is preparing for all scenarios. Mainly that of the two separate states. The “delimitation” that is being attempted now also serves the annexation scenario.

Refugees at the “committee” are being examined at a snail's pace

The operation of the so-called Real Estate Committee is judged by the result and it seems that it is moving at a very slow pace. And this is done deliberately while at some point Turkey did not send money for compensation. From information from its website, but also from publications in the occupied areas, there are about 7000 cases before the “Commission”. Of these, a decision was issued in 1324. Of these, compensation was given in 1011, three were offered rehabilitation and one rehabilitation after the dissolution of the Cyprus problem. In seven cases compensation and redress were offered, in two exchanges and compensation, four appeals were rejected, 195 were withdrawn or not accepted from the beginning while in one case, according to the “Commission”, partial redress was offered.

Trick to neutralize the property with EVKAF

The move of the so-called Real Estate Committee, which was set up by the occupying power to appeal to the Greek Cypriots claiming their property, to make EVKAF an interested party, is the new trick. With the involvement of EVKAF, the importance of the “Committee” is degraded in the first place, as any of its decisions will be challenged by the Religious Institution. Disputes between Greek Cypriots who will appeal to the “Commission” and the EVKAF, which will declare itself an “interested party”, will be “resolved” in the “supreme court” of the occupying regime. The procedures will be long and the result will be rather predetermined. It is clear that the scenario set is aimed at neutralizing the discussions on property, if one considers how time-consuming the proceedings in the “Commission” are and how long the trial before the “Courts” of the pseudo-state will take. At the level of impressions, the “Courts” of the pseudo-state will be presented as offering solutions and. Justice. In essence, it is a ploy to neutralize through long procedures the rights of Greek Cypriots to their property.

Source: www.philenews.com

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