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MPs speak of concealment in the investigations for Cooperation

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MPs speak of concealment in the investigations for Cooperation

The investigations of the Police and whether they have included the former Minister of Finance Haris Georgiadis, the former General Manager of the Cooperative Bank of Cyprus Nikola Hatzigiannis and the then Strategic Director of the Cooperative Giannis Stavrinidis, were in the focus of the meeting. today the discussion of the conclusion of the three-member research committee under Georgios Arestis for the collapse of the Co-operation. A portion of MPs spoke about an attempt to cover up the case as well as to get involved in the work of the investigations.

Some files of the case are already in the Legal Service for an opinion and instructions, which the Police are waiting for to proceed with the process. These files include, as reported today by Deputy Chief of Police Christos Mavris, the Altamira case, the credit facilities provided by some SEAs and the use of corporate credit cards.

In statements after the Commission, the President of Zacharias Koulias said that two years have passed since the conclusion of the Aresti Commission that has passed without action. As he said, a document has been submitted to the Commission by the then Attorney General Costas Clerides dated May 10, 2019, in which he essentially adopts Arestis' findings for committing serious criminal and civil offenses.

Mr. Koulias said that the investigative material that exists is of negligible value, as when the authorities were asked if testimonies were received from critical persons such as Haris Georgiadis, they did not answer if they had even been called to give clarifications. When it is mentioned in the report that 800 thousand euros were prepaid for advertising, it is like having a man in the intensive care unit who is expected to die in 24 hours, “and we are buying him 25 suits from the Armani house” with public money, he said.

Mr. Koulias said that because huge financial crimes have been committed against the people so far, this time the Commission will not allow another one to take place, as every 15 days the officials will come to the Parliament to report on the progress of the work and investigations. .

DISY MP Annita Dimitriou said that the process should proceed as soon as possible, noting that the Parliament should control based on its competence and not create impressions, choosing specific names and situations and possibly obstructing the investigation process. “Everything should be controlled and justice should follow its path where there are flaws,” he said.

AKEL MP Irini Charalambidou in her own statements wondered how it is possible that the Police can not answer directly if they have summoned Harry Georgiadis, Giannis Stavrinidis and Nikolas Hatzigiannis for questioning. “How can we expect justice when the protagonists of the Aresti finding do not know if we have been approached by the Police,” he asked.

Ms. Charalambidou said that the Republic of Cyprus, as a major shareholder of the Cooperative Bank of Cyprus, cannot move against KEDIPES because it had and had the obligation to supervise and is responsible for the outcome. He added that the only one who can move against Mr. Georgiadis for civil and other responsibilities is the Republic of Cyprus and wondered if anyone could imagine the Anastasiadis Government moving against its former Minister of Finance, who is Vice President of DISY and parliamentary candidate.

The President of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos said that both Mr. Aresti in his report and Mr. Costas Clerides have identified the possible commission of criminal offenses in the management of the Cooperative. Two years later, no criminal prosecution has been brought to court and because these cases may involve politicians such as the President of the Republic, the Minister of Finance, the Administration of Cooperation, we as a Parliament must demand transparency and control the possibility of concealment.

Mr. Papadopoulos stated that when two years later no relevant testimonies have been received to substantiate these criminal offenses, then the question of concealment and this scandal is reasonably raised. He wondered why it is a secret and is not revealed by the Police, if they have been taken and by whom.

The Member of Parliament for Ecologists, George Perdikis, said that it is clear that the Co-operation scandal is heading in the right direction, adding that from today's reports by the Police, he is convinced beyond any doubt that this time, too, there will be no punishment and purge.

Solidarity MP Michalis Giorgallas said that the Commission reiterated that two years after the Aresti report, unfortunately for the looting and destruction of cooperation, civil liability is not and will never be investigated, adding that criminal cases are being investigated at a slow pace. if they continue in this way there is no way anyone will be punished.

Next Thursday, he said, he will discuss the issue he wrote about Altamira's role in the looting and alienation of assets of heavily indebted borrowers of the former Co-operation. He wished with this discussion to stop a new scandal that is taking place at the moment.

Source: www.philenews.com

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