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Multiple benefits for agriculture from installing agro-photovoltaics

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Bioland Energy Group organized a conference on RES and agro-photovoltaic systems

Πολλαπλα οφελη για τη γεω&rho ;γλα απo την εγκατασταση αγροφωτ οβολταyκoν

The penetration of RES for 2023 in Cyprus is estimated at approximately 24%, while the target until 2030 is 42.5%.

An information day on the topics of renewable energy sources (RES), with an emphasis on the development potential of agro-photovoltaic systems in Cyprus, was organized on December 1, 2023 by Bioland Energy Group, a member of the Eptagon Group, one of the largest photovoltaic companies in Cyprus.

The aim of the conference was to highlight issues related to the delay observed in Cyprus regarding the development of RES, despite the relevant European obligations of our country. As it was said, the EU sets as a goal for Cyprus until 2030 that 42.5% of the final energy consumption be provided through RES, while the penetration of our country in RES for 2023 is estimated at approximately 24%.

The emissions fine that Cyprus is likely to pay could reach €500 million in 2024.

As Bioland Energy's Licensing Director, Giorgos Varnavas, stated during his presentation, the installation of photovoltaic and agro-photovoltaic systems is an ideal way to achieve the green goals set by Cyprus. In particular, as far as agrophotovoltaics are concerned, they are a very promising solution, which combines the dual use of agricultural land with the production of solar energy. And the benefits in agriculture are multiple, as can be seen from their application in many foreign countries. Among other things, they have the potential to increase the yield of agricultural crops, reduce fuel consumption costs and water consumption for irrigation, while providing protection from bad weather conditions (e.g. hail and frost), while producing green energy. .

Πολλαπλοφλη &gamma ;ια τ&eta? η αγροφωτοβολτακoν

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Petros Xenophontos, the Chairmen of the Parliamentary Committees on Agriculture and Energy, Giannakis Gavriil and Kyriakos Hatzigiannis, the mayor of Aradippou Evangelos Evangelidis, representatives of the agricultural organizations as well as representatives of the involved services of the ministries concerned.

In his speech, the Managing Director of Eptagon Group, Dimitrios Konstantinidis, referred to the need to strengthen the production of green energy in Cyprus. For his part, welcoming the conference, the President of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Giannakis Gavriil, expressed the hope that those actions will be taken that will help us, as a State, to become independent from fossil fuels. It was pointed out that the emission fine that Cyprus might pay could reach 500 million euros in 2024.

In his own greeting, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, Kyriakos Hatzigiannis, underlined that Cyprus is far behind in its targets and obligations for energy production from renewable sources, underlining the need for a quick transition to the green era and in the opening of the competitive market. Representatives of the agricultural organizations welcomed the significant benefits of agro-photovoltaics, expressing their appreciation that their implementation will greatly help agriculture in Cyprus, as it will make possible the possibility of energy production at the same time as the utilization of land for cultivation purposes.

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