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Municipality of Nicosia: Announced new parking fees – When will they apply

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Δorμος Λευκωσ&alpha ;ς: ΑνακοΙνωσε νΕα τΕλη σταθμευσης -Πoτε θα ισχyσουν

The new fees will be effective from July 1, 2023

This is the announcement of the Municipality:

The Nicosia Municipal Council, exercising the powers granted to it by the Law on Municipalities and the Municipal Traffic Regulations, decided on April 20, 2023, as of Saturday, July 1, 2023, to set new parking fees as follows:

Municipal Parking Areas operating with bars and automatic entry, exit and payment machine(s) and cameras.

1. Homer bus station, 2. Faneromeni bus station, 3. Ledras/Ariadnis bus station, 4. Tripoli bus station, 5. Davila bus station, 6. Costanza bus station (NO) and 7. Kosti Palama bus station (EVKAF).
Category A Parking Fees
Up to 20 minutes Free
Up to 1 hour €2.00
Up to 3 hours €3.00
Up to 5 hours €3.50
Up to 7 hours €4 .50
Up to 10 hours €6.00
From 10 hours €6.00 ​​plus €0.50 for each additional hour.
The new Category A monthly cards are plastic (proximity cards). They are issued by the accounting office after the approval of the FSA Inspector and are renewed by the payment machines located in the parking lots. They will be issued to employees and residents within the city walls or streets adjacent to the premises.
Category A card per month Parking Fees
Employee €45
Resident €35
*”Special Category” €25
*”Special Category” will include users who are:
Students. This arrangement will be valid only during the academic period. A certificate of attendance from their university is required.
Staff of the various departments that are at the roadblock
Ledra (Police, Fire and Customs). Openings will be made by DFS workers only to uniformed police officers or firefighters. Certificate from District Director. Limited number of cards, which will not be personal.
Various special cases with the recommendation of the FSA Inspector and the approval of the DG for a limited period of time.
General Invoicing and instructions
Reissuance of a lost plastic card (proximity card) of any category is €10.
Reissuance of a plastic card (proximity card) that has been worn out due to misuse is €10.
Reissue of a plastic card (proximity card) that has been worn out due to long-term use (over 3 years) will be free of charge.
Delaying card payment even by one day means ticket (entrance) payment and not free opening by the workers at the DFS.
Homer DFS will NOT be offered for monthly use by local residents. Existing residents will remain.
CFS Constanta will not be offered for monthly use due to the Wednesday and Saturday markets (market hours) and the Sunday bazaar (for bazaar hours), unless the the beneficiaries themselves wish.
A fee for lost entry tickets (Lost Ticket) at the ISS will be charged at €10 each.
Municipal Parking Spaces will operate with Pay & Display and with messages (SMS 9200). 1. Trikoupi/Liasidou DF, 2. Tempon DF*, 3. Pentadaktilo DF, 4. Markos Drakou DF, 5. Griva Digeni DF, 6. Mykonos DF, 7. Podokataro DF**, 8. Parga DF*, 9. Agios Antonios DHS, 10. Kolymbitiri DHS, 11. Annis Komninis*, 12. Bouboulinas No. 1* and 13. Bouboulinas No. 2*.

The Tempo DFS will operate in the mornings as a parking lot for Finance employees Department and 6 places for visitors at the Municipality Fund. After 16:00 in the afternoon and on weekends, it will operate as an ATM for everyone with a charge either by a bar and a Pay & Display either with messages (SMS 9200) or in another way.
Category B Parking Fees
1 hour €1.50
2 hours €2.00
3 hours €3 ,00
4 hours €3.50
5 hours €4.00
6 hours €4.50
7 hours €5.00
From 8-24 hours €8.00
Category B card per month Parking Fees
Employee €45
Resident €35

Category B monthly cards are handwritten and issued by the accounting office after approval by the FSA inspector. The renewal payment is made to the Municipal Fund. They will be issued to workers and residents within the city walls or streets adjacent to the premises.
*The Tempo bus station, the Bouboulinas bus station 1 and 2, the Annis Komninis bus station and the Parga bus station will not be offered with cards for monthly use.

**The Podokataro bus station will additionally be offered for monthly use by buses and mini buses with the following fees:
€100 per month for each bus seat.
€65 per month for each mini bus seat.
Discounts for Monthly Cards of categories A and B
A discount will apply in cases of prepayment of monthly parking tickets for periods beyond one month as follows:
Advance payment for 3 months 10%
Advance payment for 6 months €15%
Grant of monthly cards based on the capacity of the DFS
For each parking space of category A and category B (where allowed) will be given from 50 – 70% of its total capacity for monthly cards (temporarily excluding DFS Kostis Palamas).

To better control the capacity of DFS categories A and B, the policy will be that no new cards will be issued for two or more DFS.

Municipal Parking Spaces for off-street spaces that operate with parking meters, Pay & Display and messages (SMS 9100).
CATEGORY C Parking Fees
30 minutes €1.00
1 hour €2.00
Monthly cards for Category C are not possible are granted.

Small Municipal Parking Spaces by text only (SMS 9500). 1. Solonos and 2. Trikoupis (finish) No. 1 and 3. Trikoupis (finish) No. 2.
CATEGORY D Parking Fees
1 hour €1.50
2 hours €2.50
Category D monthly cards will only be offered to residents who wish to rent a permanent parking space by manual or automatic mechanism (recycled tripod) or otherwise which will secure his position. (Of course, the mechanism of his choice will be paid for by the applicant). The fee for each position is €70 per month.

At the DFS on Charalambou Mousko Street (Courts) the cost will be €3 until 2 pm and will be checked with the ticket. After 2 pm it will work with the Parking SMS 9200 system (message).

Low-pensioners and low-wage residents, within the city walls, whose incomes will not exceed the €700 per month, with evidence (pension or salary) that they will provide, will be able to park at the DFS category A with a monthly handwritten card for €15 per month without any other discount.

CATEGORY H< br />Free two-hour parking with the text message system (SMS 9300) in spaces rented by the Municipality or granted to it for specific periods of time for various reasons, such as e.g. was done in the temporary parking lots of Bouboulinas 1 and 2, Agios Spyridonos (Avlonos street) and Crete or for other future temporary Municipal Parking Spaces that will be created for this purpose.

Installation of a bar with a coin acceptor
In small Municipal Parking Spaces, where deemed necessary, for the purposes of greater control and security, a bar with a coin acceptor will be installed with a fee of €3.00 per twelve hours.

Issuance of parking tickets for electric vehicles at DFS
Owners of electric vehicles or vehicles driven by an electric engine (in accordance with Article 2 of the Motor Vehicles and Traffic Law) are entitled to be issued a card for free parking in category A parking lots, upon presentation of the registration certificate of the electric vehicle in question or driven by an electric motor. This policy will be renewed every year, unless the Municipal Council wanted to decide otherwise.

Free Seats in DFS
PWDs who have the relevant badge on the vehicle and a disabled vehicle permit.
Journalists bearing the relevant badge/or identity card of the Union of Editors or the PIO, during duty hours.
Official vehicles of the Police, Fire Brigade or other Public Services, during duty hours.
Parking places in the DFS where electric vehicle chargers will be placed in the DFS and for a period of time that will be reviewed every year, depending on the increase of such positions.
Military personnel (not permanent) serving in the outposts within the walls of Nicosia and ELDYK for their term of office. (Out of five cards at the two police stations and five at ELDYK). Certificate from unit commander.
For each parking space, 50 – 70% of its total capacity for monthly cards.

To better control the capacity of DFS, policy will be that no new cards will be issued for two or more DFS.

CATEGORY E – SMS 9200 (after 2 pm)

Request for issuance of card or change of DFS should be made via email to [email protected] and will be approved by the DFS Inspector.

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