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Murder- Chalkida: “I wanted to play” – The cynical confession of the 39-year-old who killed the 63-year-old

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Φoνος- Χαλκδα: « θλπαω–υνοοο&alpha ;ουχουωεχον ;η

According to information, the 39-year-old did not hesitate to attend the funeral of the 63-year-old to condole with her relatives

He has caused a shock in Chalkida, the investigation of the murder of the 63-year-old woman on the evening of May 10 with a 39-year-old friend of her daughter confessing that he was the one who stabbed her five times in the neck area.

He cynically told the officers who arrested him that “I am desperate, desperate and I wanted to play”.

As he revealed the day before the crime, he had met the victim's daughter “who had said that the mother she would be alone the next day, since the woman who took care of her would be missing.

“I thought she would be lying down,” added the attacker, who reportedly described panicking when he saw her standing in front of him as soon as he opened the door to her home and because she was yelling “help,” he took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her. “I wanted to find money to play. I'm addicted to gambling,” he told the police.

He, however, when the day of the unfortunate 63-year-old's funeral came, he did not hesitate to pay his respects and express his condolences to her relatives.

< p class="articleTopInfo">The victim's daughter, tragically ironically, when the crime became known, called her partner and the perpetrator, not knowing that the latter was the murderer.

Φoνος- Χαλκδα: « θλπαω–υνοοο&alpha ;ουχουωεχον ;η

Φόνος- Χαλκλδα: « θλπαω–υνοοο&alpha ;ουχουωεχον ;η

Φoνος- Χαλκiδα: « θλπαω–υνοοο&alpha ;ουχουωεχον ;η

“There were thoughts and information in this direction from the beginning. He is a childhood friend of the family. The day after the murder, he was at the 63-year-old's house. This man did not hesitate the day after the murder that he had committed as he himself confesses, he went to the house of the victim's daughter and played it as a grieving friend. The girl is doubly shocked because it is not only the death of the mother in this barbaric way, it is also the theater that the 39-year-old played in front of her. I wonder about his psyche. He continued his life in the same way, he continued to have the same contacts with his daughter and with her partner as he had before, as if nothing was happening,” said the lawyer of the 63-year-old daughter, Athanasios Tartis.

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