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Murder of Alki: Authorities close to the traces of the 12th perpetrator – What the DNA examination showed

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Murder of Alki: Authorities close to the traces of the 12th perpetrator - What the DNA examination showed

The investigations for the 12th person involved in the murder of 19-year-old Alkis Kampanos are intensive, with the Authorities being close to locating him, while new evidence comes from the DNA test on the weapons of the crime.

The suspect has been named “Dinos”.

According to information, this is a 25-year-old Greek, driver of the third car of the dark VW Polo brand that turned left on Gazi Street.

The 21-year-old former football player who was holding the scythe is said to have given his name to the authorities:

“All I know is that his name is Dino. I do not know his last name. “It was the first time I saw him.”

According to police officers dealing with the case, “it is a matter of honor” to be found and brought to justice.

What the DNA test showed

At the same time, answers and questions arise from the conclusions of the workshops brought to light by “Radio Thessaloniki”.

Apparently Alkis's genetic material was found both in the scythe blade and in its handle.

Genetic material of Alkis's friend was also found in the handle of the deadly weapon, as according to the conclusions, he either tried to take it from the 21-year-old at the time of the attack, or took it from the ground and threw it in the place where it was finally located.

In addition to the deadly weapons, the Greek Police laboratories examined the murdered man's nails, as well as traces of blood on the passenger door, as well as on the passenger mats and rear seats of the 23-year-old white Citroen from Albania AC

According to the same information, the DNA analysis showed only genetic material of 19-year-old Alkis. From the traces of blood, however, on the handle of the car, it seemed that it belonged to a man unknown at the time, probably to the 12th perpetrator.

However, the examination of the DNA and the rest of the accused is expected to give impetus to the identification.

At the same time, in the mat of the third car, the DNA of the hitherto unknown participant in the attack was found in dark spots.

In contrast, the DNA of the 23-year-old, the first person arrested in the case that led to the investigation and the other participants, was not found in these samples.

10 pre-trial detainees – The 20-year-old from Albania is expected to apologize

In total, the 10 suspects as perpetrators have been remanded in custody, while the apology of the 20-year-old who had escaped to Albania is expected on Monday.

On Friday, the 25-year-old “Athenian” confessed that he was holding a “carbide” type knife in the attack, and was a passenger of the third car, while he also admitted that he used it while managing “two pinches” – as he said – to a person who was not Alkis.

In fact, this knife was allegedly located by the police. The 25-year-old was named by his co-accused as the person who stabbed the 19-year-old student, indicating the place where he threw the knife, in a deserted area.

The other three defendants who passed through the door of the interrogator's office on Friday all denied their involvement in the fatal injury of the unfortunate Alkis, (his death came from the blows to the lower extremities and the fractures he suffered in the head).

Specifically, the 22-year-old driver of the second car allegedly apologized for approaching the crime scene, when the incident had ended and his co-accused were returning. “I was not holding anything in my hands and I did not hit anyone,” he was quoted as saying, according to what became known.

For his part, the 23-year-old passenger of the same car seems to have claimed that he got out of the vehicle but did not move away from it. On the same wavelength, another passenger of the car, 21 years old, said that he did not see anything from the incident and did not even get off the road. “We do not all know each other. “I could not imagine that there were weapons in the cars or that our meeting would have such an end,” he allegedly claimed.

The four defendants were called to reveal the identity and role of the driver of the third vehicle, but – like the previous ones who apologized – they did not seem to give reliable answers or declared ignorance.

Their long apologies ended late Friday night, with the unanimous decision of the investigator and the prosecutor regarding their pre-trial detention.

Source: cnn.gr

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