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Murder of Alkis in Thessaloniki: The cameras “show” other accomplices, 12 to 15 people involved

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The material from the security cameras that recorded the incident of the murder of 19-year-old Alkis in the area of Charilaou, in Thessaloniki, are being searched by the police authorities, in order to identify all those involved in the attack.

Apart from the 23-year-old, who was arrested and charged with the murder of Alkis, a total of at least 12-15 people are involved. According to the material gathered by the police from the cameras, there are other people in the three cars that are allegedly involved in the bloody incident, as Open broadcast in the news bulletin.

The video document clearly shows the 23-year-old Albanian, who gets into the white vehicle and escapes together with other accomplices of the hooligan, while two other cars have stopped right behind, which turn to the right and leave, immediately after the attack.

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The Hellenic Police is looking for material from the security cameras in the days before the murder, in order to find out if the perpetrators had prepared the attack, or if it was a random action.

The prosecutor asked the groups to stop incendiary statements and control the fans

According to information, the prosecutor called on the representatives of sports clubs in Thessaloniki, to exercise constant control over the fans and the extreme behaviors that are manifested, but also to avoid inflammatory statements that provoke tensions, in a meeting held earlier, on the occasion of the 19 years old, in Charilaou.

Statements of actors after the meeting

The vice-president of PAOK Makis Gagkatsis made harsh statements about the heinous crime with the murder of 19-year-old Alkis after the meeting of the representatives of the three PAE, PAOK, Aris and Iraklis who met with the prosecutor of the first instance Panagiotis Panagiotos in Thessaloniki.

Mr. Gagatsis in his statements after the meeting characterized the killer of Alkis, stressed that “he is a common criminal, the killer does not belong to PAOK, he is an animal”. He stressed that he apologizes for the loss of the 19-year-old.

“A similar meeting took place a year ago and it was said that there should be calm between the PAEs, which there is. We explained that these people are criminals and have nothing to do with football, they just find and commit such delinquent behaviors under the umbrella of the fan movement that they reach the point of killing people. It is time for justice to speak for the murderer and his accomplices. For our part, we will do everything possible to normalize the situation. “We can not do anything on our own about incidents on the streets by these criminals.”

“I apologize as vice-president of PAOK for the child, my warm condolences to his family” he said and added that together with the other PAE and specifically Mr. Theodoros Karypidis they agreed to make the friendly match so that the tones fall between the fans.

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Asked to comment on what Alexis Kougias (who took over the 19-year-old's family) said that PAOK pays the lawyer of the alleged perpetrator, he said: “It is funny and just to answer that. We express our disgust and horror at this heinous crime. Of course, this is not the case. It is an admission of defeat that the killer two years ago passed this mansion and is free. The problem is more social, not sports or football. As for the links, they are arsenals. “The police have to do their job, we are not police officers to do such checks.”

It is recalled that in the office of Mr. Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos were found the strong man of PAE Aris, Theodoros Karypidis, the vice-president of PAOK, Makis Gagkatsis, as well as the president of Amateur Iraklis, Fotis Theos.

He himself called them in the context of the effort to elucidate the murder of Alkis Kampanos and the management of the crisis in the fan events of the city. The meeting was also attended by high-ranking executives of the Security Directorate of Thessaloniki.

Source: protothema.gr/thesstoday

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