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“Murder of democracy” the dismissal of an opposition journalist from the “university” of the Eastern Mediterranean

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Reactions to the dismissal of an opposition journalist from the Eastern Mediterranean “university” – The guild of “public” employees in the occupied territories calls out – He speaks of an attempt at intimidation by the so-called government

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The dismissal of the journalist and columnist in Jeni Duzen, Serhat Incirli, from the “university” of the Eastern Mediterranean (DAÜ) caused reactions in the occupied territories.

According to the Press and Information Bureau, Jenny Duzen writes that the guild of “public” employees (KTAMS) characterized the event as last example of fascist practices” saying in a statement that the “government” has been trying to intimidate its opponents with oppressive and fascist practices since the day of its establishment, attempting to create for the itself a garden without thorns.

KTAMS president Guven Bengihan added that he would like to remind those who try to run the “state” institutions “as if they were their fathers' fiefdoms that they themselves are temporarily there”.

He added that it was not surprising that the “government” resorted to such means to silence opposition journalists and stated that one of the first actions of the “government” was to bring “parliament” the “law” on censorship, op which will eliminate freedom of thought and freedom of the press.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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