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Myria Vassiliou is back at the helm of POED. See the 13-member Executive Board

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    Myria Vassiliou at the helm of POED for another four years – See the composition of the 13-member Executive Board – POED will continue to be ahead of developments, said its President

    The role of the educational trade union must be more dynamic and substantial than ever before, she said, in a message to Electoral All-Cypriot Council of General Representatives WTOD, the President of the Organization, Myria Vassiliou, who assumes the presidency for another four years.

    “POED, as the voice of more than 7,000 Primary Education teachers, will continue to be in front of developments, where it deserves, a co-shaper of policies and a worthy claimant for the interests and rights of colleagues. In an era where institutions, principles and values ​​are being questioned, POED will continue to play a decisive role in the educational and unionization process”, he added.

    The new 13-member Executive Board of POED

    The new 13-member Executive Board of POED, as has been formalized by the Electoral Pancypriot Council of General Representatives of the Organization, is as follows:

    Chairman: Myria Vassiliou – PADED Protoporia

    General Secretary: Haris Charalambous – AKIDA

    Vice President: Apostolos Skouroupatis – Progressive

    General Treasurer: Pampos Papadopoulos – PADED Protoporia

    General Organizer:Kostas Konstantinou – DIANA

    Assistant Secretary General: Michalis Alexopoulos – AKIDA

    Assistant General Treasurer: Antonis Tinis – PADED Protoporia

    Assistant General Organizer: Lampros Stefanou – Progressive


    Leonidas Hatjiloizou – AKIDA

    Vasoula Koula – PADED Protoporia

    Marios Stylianou – Progressive

    Iliana Kanara – DIANA

    Stathis Hatjileonidas – AKIDA

    The new four-year term begins on the basis of a new statute

    The President of POED, Myria Vassiliou, in her message to the Electoral Pancypriot Council of General Representatives of POED, which took place today Thursday, at the “OASIS” Center, in Choirokoitia, he said that the fact that the new four-year period begins on the basis of a new statute, which aspires to modernize the way POED operates , targeting flexibility and in the more effective management of the issues that the Organization is called to manage, confirms the importance of the collective and highlights the importance of the wisdom of the many.

    Mrs. Vassiliou congratulated all of them for their election both as the General Representative of POED and for their election as members of the Executive Board of POED and as members of the Provincial Committees.

    “In view of the new four-year term that officially begins today for the POED, I welcome you all and wish from the bottom of my heart strength, patience and perseverance. The Pan-Cypriot Organization of Greek Teachers has been the collective expression of Greek Cypriot Primary, Pre-Primary and Special Education Teachers for 71 years. Its main goal is to defend and upgrade local Education as well as to safeguard and promote the well-intentioned interests of its members”, he added.

    He noted that the course of the Organization throughout these decades has confirmed and documented that unity, mutual support and collegiality are essential elements.

    “My re-election to the position of President of POED for another four years is a great honor for me. Therefore, I feel the need to thank everyone who supported my candidacy, giving me the possibility of re-election to the position of President of our Organization. I also owe thanks to my faction PADED Protoporia, who proposed to me for a second four-year term the presidency of the Organization, giving me the opportunity to continue my trade union career from the highest office of POED”, he added.

    At the same time , said Mrs. Vassiliou, “I recognize that the position of the President of a historic Organization such as the Pan-Cyprus Organization of Greek Teachers, is intertwined with great and many obligations”.

    As he mentioned, the President's responsibilities, like those of the other members of the leadership, require hard work, personal sacrifices and dedication, in a particularly demanding mission that aims to protect the Public School and upgrade Public Education.

    “The possibility of representing the educational sector in the decision-making centers is a great challenge for the Organization's Leadership. However, the challenges, through proper and documented management, create prospects, since we are given the opportunity and the freedom to fight with all our strength for the Public School and for the teachers of Primary, Pre-Primary and Special Education, with a reference point of prestige and their dignity”, he added.

    The President of POED said, at the same time, that the issues concerning Public Education are many and there is no room for complacency.

    He noted that the Executive Board is called upon to manage many issues in the near future.

    “Issues concerning the staffing of both the morning school and the afternoon – optional full-day school,” he said.

    He is invited, he added, “to be alertand to monitor the implementation of new educational policies, so that they are implemented on the basis of the positions of the Organization as well as the agreed ones”. “I refer indicatively to the downward expansion of public compulsory pre-primary education, to the completion of the expansion of the institution of the responsible department, to the increase in the administrative time of the management team,” he said.

    Additionally, Mrs. Vassiliou said , there are also many open issues that need to be managed, in the context of the institutional dialogue that is expected to start and/or continue with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

    Indicatively it was mentioned in the Legislation for the New Appointment Systemin order to correct the distortions but also the need to maintain the list of appointees after 2027, in the institutionalization of a working framework for substitute teachers, in the management of the difficult daily life of school units and in the need to take additional measures regarding in the increased incidents of delinquent behavior, in the institutionalization of procedures regarding complaints against teachers, in the creation of a modernized plan for evaluating the teacher and the educational work, etc.

    He stated, in addition, that they are called upon as the Executive Board to insist, highlight and achieve the acceleration of the procedures for installing air conditioners in all classrooms.

    The weather conditions in Cyprus, he continued, leave no room for another delay and impose the definitive solution of the issue.

    To continue to claim the self-evident

    Mrs. Vassiliou said, in addition, that their role as officials of POED – members of the 100-member, and especially as members of the Executive Board, requires them to continue to claim with seriousness and responsibility, to continue to file their recommendations in evidence, to continue with a sense of responsibility to represent the Teacher.

    Our educational world, he added, needs “to fight the dawn and claim the self-evident”.

    “We need a united, independent , a serious, documented and dynamic FOED, which through its claims, its struggles, its actions, will continue to defend Public Education and claim for the labor rights of Greek Cypriot Primary Education Teachers”, he noted.

    Ms. Vassiliou said that “I take over the presidency for another four years with great pride and with the certainty that I will have worthy and capable colleagues by my side, fully aware of the responsibility and the personal promise that I will not disappoint you either neither me nor my colleagues”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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