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Mystery with Putin: His speech was suddenly cut off at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium (video)

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The interruption of the television connection, at the time of Vladimir Putin During a rally at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium on Friday afternoon, he spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. “genocide committed in Donbass” , the live broadcast was interrupted on state television to broadcast images of patriotic raids and songs that had been “played” earlier in the event.

“A genocide was committed in Donbas. “The goal of the operation in Ukraine is to get rid of this situation,” Putin said in a speech at a concert, noting once again that the people of Crimea made the right choice in 2014, as “They wanted to live on their own, historic land, the Russian Federation.”The Russian president said, praising the Russian military for the bombings in Ukraine. A short time later, Dmitry Peshkov explained that the broadcast of Putin's speech at the concert was abruptly interrupted due to a technical failure of the server.

Concert with paid applause

Putin's speech was part of a rally and concert in support of his government on the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin's supporters filled Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and where the 2018 World Cup final was held, to participate in a rally in support of the invasion of Ukraine. In fact, the date of this event, called “Concert for a World Without Nazism”, was not chosen at random, On March 18, 2014, the Kremlin formalized the annexation of the Republic of Crimea to Sevastopol.

Of course, the criticism on social media is intense since, as several accounts broadcast, the gathered people have received payment to give the “present”. “The vast majority of the world & # 8211; gathered at Luzhniki Stadium & # 8211; is paid. This ad offers 300 RUB. I have seen payment reports up to 1,400 RUB. “Obviously most of the Kremlin executives will not attend the terrorist attack,” said a Twitter user.

https://twitter.com/DemeryUK/status/1504789087995191297 ? ref_src = twsrc% 5Etfw

Pictures posted on social media show the inside of the stadium full of people and Russian flags, while the screens show pictures against Ukraine. According to Max Sendon, head of the Financial Times delegation in Moscow, there are reports that the organization has prepared several buses with civil servants to make sure the stadium is full.

The same organization announced that it expects attendance about 100,000 people inside Luzhniki and about 400,000 outside. Many concerts will be held during the rally and President Vladimir Putin will address the crowd.

Watch video:

https: //twitter.com/maryilyushina/status/1504793891303743491?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Source: politis.com.cy

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