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N.Averof: It is time to march with one mind and with patriotic responsibility

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Ν.ΑβΕρωφ: ΕΙνα&iota ; Ωρα να πορευτοyμε με ομοψυχΙα κα&iota ; με πατριωτικor υπευθυνότητα

It is time to march with one mind and with patriotic responsibility, stated the President of DISY and candidate for the presidency of the Republic Averof Neophytou in a memorial speech at the memorial service of Pantelis Katelaris.

"Whatever our differences", he added, "let's go from words to deeds, let's find a way for pride to stand next to peaceful coexistence, as Pantelis Katelaris stood by his competitors and to keep together the shield that will lead the children and grandchildren of that long-suffering generation to prosperity,” he said.

Mr. Neofytou said that the action of Pantelis Katelaris was inexcusable. In March of ’57 he is upgraded within the ranks of EOKA, called "Isauros" and apprentices alongside one of EOKA's most skilled IED makers. However, a few months later his younger brothers, Tomazos and Andreas, his widowed mother Irene and his sister Frosso were arrested with him.

The arrested, he added, are taken to the Omorfita police detention center, but Pantelis, keeping his oath intact, all he gives his tormentors is silence. And during his transport, in the alleys of Lakatamia, he added, he manages to escape, to join the guerrillas in the Mahira area. He also mentioned that Katelaris, together with his competitors, turned their hiding place in Ai Giannis of Malounda into a chemical laboratory.

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< p>On January 18, 1958, a deafening explosion shook the community. The initial hopes of those in the know, the hope that Katelaris could have escaped before the explosion, are soon dashed. On Griva's orders, his death is kept secret, and he is buried the same night by EOKA men in an open place outside the village, he said.

Mr. Neofytou said that "it is up to us later ones the load drops. Let's rise to the occasion. Let us not like words but actions. As, by deeds all of us heroes fell not just to duty but gave their lives for freedom. For the defense of our rights.

We can, as he said, "discuss our different ideologies, our different thoughts and tactics. But let's not forget. Our homeland is one and for the entire Cypriot people the sufferings of the past and the discord must not be repeated. Let's get the messages that we all need to fight together to justify the sacrifice of each fighter.

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