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N. Christodoulidis announced: “We, all together can succeed” – Speak clearly about DDO (video)

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Former Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulidis analyzed his vision for Cyprus in an online announcement of his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections. He listened carefully, he said, to everyone he spoke to, in every corner of Cyprus. He spoke of faith, courage and determination to face the new reality. He went on to say that “we are looking for hope, to tell the truth, to propose solutions to problems”. He said “no” to the wish lists and pointed out that there are no easy recipes and magic solutions. I am here in front of you with a clear conscience and a clear look, he said, addressing the citizens.

He began his online speech by referring to the dialogue with citizens and, among other things, addressing the issues of under-birth rate, the problems faced by single-parent families, the elderly and the economy. He stressed that new ideas and modern solutions are needed to deal with the new data and that we must stop being consumed in meaningless controversies, to listen to what really interests the citizens. “Only a strong team, we, all together, can succeed,” he said emphatically. He clarified that the purpose of politics is not the management of power, but to be a pioneer, not a tail, to inspire your citizens. Finally, he said that teams of experts are working on his program. He will listen to the views of all social partners. “I will continue to listen to you all. “Once the dialogue is over, I will present my program,” he assured.

The whole speech of Christodoulidis:


The proclamation of Christodoulidis was broadcast live on the link below:

His vision

Via his personal website christodoulides2023.com , Nikos Christodoulidis presents his vision for Cyprus. Specifically, he states: “I envision Cyprus, with a strong economy in the face of the crisis, truly competitive and resilient, a Cyprus that plays a leading role in innovation and entrepreneurship, with a growth model that will increase the wealth produced, maximize our added value and will create new, quality, jobs.

I envision Cyprus, which supports with working measures against accuracy the working family, the large families and the single parents, which strengthens their incomes, but also introduces measures that facilitate their daily life. “

Referring to social issues, he says that he envisions “a homeland, with greater social sensitivity, that provides security and protection to all and especially to those most vulnerable to the crisis: the small and medium-sized, professionals, retirees, people with disabilities.” He added that his vision is for “a homeland that operates with more social justice, solidarity and sensitivity, that respects and supports diversity.”

He goes on to refer to the refugees and the education system: we admit, not on equal terms. We do not forget the people who still carry the wounds of the invasion: the relatives of the fallen and the missing, our victims and our heroic cages.

I envision Cyprus having a creative education system that utilizes modern technology and offers our children education, knowledge and skills to have job opportunities in the labor market: an education system that brings every child in touch with art and gives in every new and easy easy access to the benefits of culture and sports “.

” I envision a homeland with a quality and efficient Health System with high level services. I clearly support GESY, its further upgrade, with the strengthening of hospitals and first aid departments and equal and easy access to treatments and medicines.

I envision a Cyprus of justice, which fights profiteering and speculation, moral and ethical deficits, corruption and entanglement, which introduces clear processes of control, transparency and meritocracy.

I envision a quality that invests in Cyprus and the uniqueness of our agricultural products and through agrotechnology makes the primary sector a pole of development.

I envision Cyprus, which protects our natural wealth and maintains a healthy and humane environment, with clean energy, more green and sustainable development, which respects nature, creates ecological consciousness and adapts to climate change.

I envision Cyprus that manages effectively and with humanity & # 8211; one of the biggest challenges globally & # 8211; immigration, respecting our international obligations, for those who really deserve legal protection, but with zero tolerance for those who commit illegal acts.

I envision Cyprus with a proud foreign policy with assertive realism and a strong defense that works as a deterrent to any intrigue.

I envision Cyprus at the southeastern tip of Europe as a hub of cooperation, as a bridge of cultures, as a center of innovation and excellence.

I envision above all a reunited homeland, free, sovereign and territorially integrity, in accordance with the UN resolutions on Cyprus and the EU Acquis, a homeland without the Turkish barbed wire of division, without foreign troops and foreign guarantors, which plays the role it deserves and deserves at regional and European level. The current state of affairs, the unacceptable and illegal status quo, can not be the solution to the Cyprus problem, neither the division, nor the confederation, nor the sovereign equality of two entities, nor the two states. We have a duty to make every effort to effectively restore the unity of our homeland, its territory, its people and its institutions in a bi-zonal, bi-communal and democratic federal state, where the human rights and security of all Cypriots will be fully realized. Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latinos.

We envision, think and want the same things. It is time, after we agree, to try it together, all of us, for the Cyprus of our children. It is not an option. It's a debt. It owes us all. “

Source: politis.com.cy

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